Why Mindsways?

We are called Mindsways because we believe you can Sway Minds through understanding the Mind's Ways.

We teach you ways to stand out and be more memorable, how to generate more business connections and spark interest in what you do, how to channel your passion and creativity and explore the rich stream of ideas about your thinking coming from psychology, neuroscience and behavioural insights.

We do all of this through teaching you mentalism in fun, unique and unusual ways.

We teach you about the Ways of the Mind; how we behave, act and think through Psychology, Neuroscience and Art. We also teach you how to Sway the Mind; how Behavioural Insights, Neuromarketing, Neurodesign and the Magician's Mindset can all influence, nudge and persuade your customers.

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Our Next Events

Psychological Artistry Live!

The days start at 10:00 am and finish at 4:30 pm. Lunch is not provided but all venues are next to shops and restaurants.


Mindsways offers a unique set of services which help you create personally tailored magic tricks, mindsets, and models for yourself and in your business. You will learn unique ideas around marketing and communication, unorthodox approaches to creativity and unusual techniques that help you stand out, all by engaging with Psychological Artistry. It's a fun way of exploring and understanding the rich stream of ideas about our thinking coming from psychology, neuroscience and behavioural insights.

You'll find ways, much like I did, to engage, empower and enlighten your clients, staff and customers.

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    Psychological Artistry Live!

    The Psychological Artistry Live! day offers a unique set of tools that sparks interest, grabs attention and gives you new ways of thinking.

    By using little known tools and techniques that magicians and mentalists have known for years, such as attention grabbers, conversation sparkers, and head turners, the day will look at how you can find your voice in communication, open your mind and explore new approaches. Engaging with this day will support your growth and development.

    We will look at the Ways of the Mind; how we behave, act and think through Psychology, Neuroscience and Art. We also look into how to Sway the Mind; how Behavioural Insights, Neuromarketing, Neurodesign and the Mentalist's Mindset can all influence, nudge and persuade.

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    Coaching and Group Sessions

    What makes us different is that we will always focus on the individual as key. Businesses are made up of people, and it's our belief that what makes you special is what makes your business thrive. It's this that we will look to enhance in our Coaching Sessions!

    We also tailor make our group sessions to fit the attendees. We cover groups of people from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, from coffee mornings to masterminds, from in-house teams to network meetings.

    If you're a business professional, career-minded and creative person who wants to do something different, add a new set of skills to your toolbelt and reinforce your personal, professional and playful brand, then Coaching is for you! If you have a group of people and want to stimulate new and mindful conversations, add a spark of difference to your meeting and reinforce the power of our mindset and psychology, then our Group Sessions are for you!

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    Our Online Products & Kits

    Our kits give you a unique and innovative approach to developing and delivering Psychological Artistry and smart thinking in your coaching, your business and the techniques you use in getting your ideas across.

    The ultimate tool we all have is our thinking process, and these digital kits illustrate this perfectly. The kits can be used to help you and the people you work with understand real world psychology and how you can apply it to their situation.

    Your downloadable kits are made exclusivley to help you develop, deliver and increase demand in what you do.

    Use them to promote your message and business, connect with potential partners, enhance networking and meetings, and empower your clients!

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    Talks, Seminars & Live Appearances

    Our talks and live shows give you and your audience a quick glimpse into the deep world of mentalism.

    The Game of Thoughts: Mentalism Live! shows are all about the psychology of how we think using Psychological Artistry in an entertaining, enlightening and enlivening way.

    The primary focus of the Black Swan talk is that we all have Black Swans. These are ideas which we think are impossible, but can in fact be more than possible once you have sees that they can be achieved. This can be applied to ourselves, groups that we are in, or other people.

    Our aim for the Theatre of Marketing Talk is to give you something fun, original, easy to learn and memorable. Click on any of the images below where you can see a selection of what the talk can encompass!

    If you have an event or group of people and want to experience something new and different, add a buzz of excitement to your event and leave your attendees in fits of laughter, then our Talks, Seminars and Live Appearances are for you!

What Does Mindsways Look Like?


Our Origin Story

"I have been asked several times over the last few months about how I got into this. Well, it's a story that started about 30 years ago.

I was running a community project where I had to engage individuals that were given many labels, such as vulnerable, harder to place, excluded excluded and many more variations similar to these. Many of these, I am sure, would have been used to describe me in my youth."

I must admit that I struggled; when I used what I had been trained in, it didn't work. When I used what I read from books, it didn't work. When I used what others advised, it didn't work. In fact, I was stuck in the “it didn't work” cycle for about two years. I was dissatisfied and frustrated, I really felt stuck. Then, I hit upon the idea of using illusions and I got some attention. The seeds of something were there. I started building my epiphany bridge.

So I thought and thought and then I started introducing a bit of magic (of the conjuring variety) and I got more attention. This was my aha moment; it was by breaking their expectations that I could at last start to get their attention. I then started to use the magic effects as metaphors and this led to me teaching the individuals some of the magic themselves. Suddenly, it started working! I was making progress. I was getting a sense of satisfaction from what I was doing.

These techniques captured people's attention, they involved them in learning, communicating with others, building their confidence and giving them back a sense of control. I started delivering at conferences, training others and performing more and more.

Excited by this, I went further and further. I learned more and more and haven't stopped since.

This journey has taken me from delivering in the community to boardrooms, to training NHS consultants and people with no numeracy and literacy. It has taken me from learning magic in Blackpool to meeting magicians in Las Vegas. It has taken me from the ideas of classical psychology to the cutting-edge findings of neuroscience and behavioural insights.

Mindsways' services are based on a culmination and a consolidation of all of this.

What Do We Do?

Mindsways work with you through open workshops, coaching and group sessions, kits and live shows.

The approach we take is what we call Psychological Artistry. This involves using our unique blend of psychology, neuroscience, behavioural insights, neuromarketing, mentalism, personal achievement, and smart thinking ideas. We appreciate that by its very nature, it is not a traditional approach. However, being different is where our power lies.

We aim to empower, enlighten and engage everyone from all levels of soceity. We face a mental health crisis. People feel incredibly vulnerable. They are uncertain, dissatisfied and unfulfilled in their jobs. They live their lives in a dense fog of delusion and have nothing to show but pills and promises.

This approach just doesn't work.

At Mindsways, we're going to break this cycle. We train you in how the mind works by using magic and mentalism. This is a fun, entertaining and profound way of learning. We teach how people see the world, how to improve thinking habits and how to develop a better mindset. When you understand this, you get a greater feeling of certainty, satisfaction and fulfilment.

Our Mission

Our mission at Mindsways is to introduce something new, fun and fresh into your existing mix of ideas. It's our belief that if you can change how you see what was, you can change what is, so you can change what will be.

Through combining neuroscience, behavioural insights, psychology, and the mentalists's mindset, with subtlety, surprise, and innovation, we help you build personal achievements, strategic gains and financial opportunities. It's about tapping into the fundamental functions of your brain and coming out better.

Success for us happens when you have the courage to be yourself and put your courageous ideas into action. Bringing ideas to life and grabbing attention, by their very nature, are courageous ideas that take the heart of an explorer, the mind of a champion and the core of a warrior. It might be scary, but I believe your message and your inner story deserves to be heard.

Be bold, dare to do something that's different, take your first step and learn how to use these ideas for yourself, just what attention is, how to use it to your advantage.


Our mission at Mindsways is to introduce something new, fun and fresh into your existing mix of ideas. It's our belief that if you can change how you see what was, you can change what is, so you can change what will be.

Find out more about that here!