Mindsways is based on the idea that we see what we want to see. By leveraging this and other Behavioural Insights, you can learn how your customers behave, act and think.

We will teach you systems and goals to help you develop your own approaches and appreciate how powerful your own perceptions can be. This in turn allows you to influence and positively affect your customer’s behaviours, actions and thinking, leading to a boost in your brand reputation, business opportunities, and potential for sales and profit.

Our training is dedicated to helping you to understand how your customers behave, act, and think. We believe in the power of small shifts, big movements. We deliver training and consultancy which unite learning and applying knowledge in the form of skill sets and abilities.

Generally speaking, each new skill set doubles your chance of success. The skill sets we focus on are:

  • Cognitive Fitness
  • Perceptual Acuity
  • Hidden Depths
  • Human Branding
  • Smart Deliberate Practice
  • Show, Not Tell
  • Art Forming
  • Storytelling
  • Evolving Solutions
  • Attention Selling
  • Mystification

We focus on combining the ideas from Behavioural Insights, Understanding Perceptions, Psychological Artistry, Show Not Tell Philosophy and Doing the Doable. You can use these in applying and developing systems and goals which boost your productivity, increase your internal and external brand’s reputation and lead to a strong legacy.

Our version of art forming pulls ideas and techniques from theatre, magic and illusions, combining them with findings from psychology and science to make them engaging, entertaining, and enlightening. We will teach you how to stand out, how to make a difference, how to tap into the power of mystery and magic and how to get your message across.


Mindsways services are based on applying a unique blend of Psychological Artistry, neuroscience, mentalism, design and smart thinking.

Psychological Artistry has a direct effect on your cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.

We use all of this to help you in creating an experience that challenges perspectives, enhances performance and develops your understanding of thinking styles. Psychological Artistry leads to increasing the demand and interest in you and your business.

This helps you in:

Standing out

There is so much noise in today's online and physical environments that it can be very difficult to establish yourself as a leading brand. Using Psychological Artistry allows you to stand out and get your message across in entertaining, enlightening and engaging ways.

Engaging people

Using Psychological Artistry and Mentalism you can bring wonder, amazement and awe into your work and business. Mindsways is all about using these unique techniques as a way to communicate meaning and motivation. The emotional connection formed through meaningful performance is at the heart of creating a real impact with your work.

Creating surprise – Grabbing attention

Using Psychological Artistry creates a theatrical experience, which means it is best witnessed live. Your work and business setting naturally provides an excellent platform to make use of these techniques and get people to listen to what you have to say. You can easily add to your delivery by using astonishing tricks.

Enhancing your brand’s reputation

The meaning behind any good brand is always waiting in the wings, begging to be brought out. By using the Mindsways Approach, you can use theatrical techniques that grab people's attention and ensure your message is being heard. When the powerful message behind your brand is seen, people will want to tell others and increase engagment.

Effective Communication

The essence of all human engagement is the emotional connection that you can tap in to, stimulate and illustrate. The stronger the emotions, the more memorable your work is. This same force that has people streaming into theatres can also have them streaming into your business. We work together to capture this emotional force for use in your business.

Building Creativity

Creativity is a mindset that brings with it the willingness to experiment, fail and start again. It is vital to business in the 21st century that we embrace this mindset. The process of deep creativity that Mindsways delivers will take you beyond your previous limits into a weird and wonderful world that you can use to leverage your passion, purpose and playfullness.


Mentalism (or sometimes Mind Magic) is a phrase we use when we talk about a particular set of magic tricks and psychological effects. Mentalism gives the appearance of being able to read minds, predict the future, influence people’s thoughts and choices and demonstrate the impossible.

People have been fascinated and have engaged with this for at least a thousand years. In our technological age, this holds an even greater sway of attention and engagement.

The Secret History of Mentalism

Mentalism and Mind Magic goes back thousands of years, but it has become a more prominent since the mid eighteenth century.

Mentalism or magic is not the art of deception; it is the art of creativity. It’s creating the impossible, creating wonder and stimulating imaginations. These all strengthen your effectiveness in your business and personal life, leading you to feel happier and more content with your world.

We use mentalism and mind magic ideas as a tool for creating more impactful communication, enhancing presentations, explaining and demonstrating our thinking styles. We specialize in Mentalism because we love working with people in expressing their deep, particular and personal ways of seeing the world.


Mentalism and Mind Magic owes its roots to a rich history of psychology and traditional magic, performed on stage or in the reading rooms of Victorian Britain and America. The thing that sets it apart from the magic that you might see on television such as Dynamo or David Blaine, or if you visit the theatre, such as Penn & Teller or David Copperfield, is that it may just be real.

Mentalism is used to inform, illustrate and entertain in a number of situations. It can, and has been used, in board meetings, workshops, personal development programmes, one-to-one sales, business presentations, networking events and TV shows.

What do we do?

Mindsways work with you through delivering sessions, and these vary from one-to-ones to workshops to mentoring.

The Importance of Being Different

FFor business, originality and difference counts. People are more likely to engage and pay for what they haven’t seen and can never see elsewhere. By tapping into people’s imagination, curiosity and desire for understanding how we think, you can engage people in all different areas.

The approach we take is what we call Psychological Artistry. This involves using our unique blend of psychology, mentalism, personal development and smart thinking ideas. We appreciate that by its very nature, it is not a traditional approach. However, being different is where its power lies.

Standing out from your competition, adding value to your clients and making a positive difference is how you succeed in business, and Psychological Artistry is the perfect way to do this.


Our mission at Mindsways is to introduce something new and fresh into the existing mix of ideas that you are using now. Because it’s our mission, we use the power and creativity of Psychological Artistry to help you in unleashing your creativity, developing your critical thinking skills and turning your meetings, work and contact with clients into memorable, powerful and effective turning points in their lives.

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Why Mindsways?

Grab attention and get your message across.

Mindsways looks at both the Ways of the Mind and how our Minds are Swayed.

Today, it’s good to be looking at as many different sources and ways of generating new ideas as possible. If you are looking to improve your delivery, you are constantly in the process of creativity and refinement.

We are surrounded by so much pessimism and cynicism that to make a difference and get our message across we need to spark people’s passions. Mindsways not only does this but is also a route to adding value to others through opening up different perspectives for them.

Using Psychological Artistry can open people's minds wide to the wonderful possibilities of the world. The people you aim your messages at aren’t just entertained, they are enlightened and excited by your messages when you use tricks and techniques that have been developed over hundreds of years combined with current research..

People love mystery, they love learning and witnessing new things, and they will love your message when it's wrapped up in Psychological Artistry. To learn more and take your first steps into the Mindsways Approach, look at the Sessions page or our Private Sessions page.

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The IDEA Process

The IDEA process is the art behind Psychological Artistry. Repeat these four steps as many times as possible to refine and improve your delivery.

Step 1 - Impact

Create and define your message. What do you want to say? What impact do you want it to have? Who do you want to listen?

Step 2 - Develop

Play with the idea. Why is it important? What metaphors or examples could you use to illustrate it? When will it be used?

Step 3 - Evolve

Try it out a few times. What do your friends and family think about it? How can you use the feedback? How can you improve it?

Step 4 - Apply

Deliver your talk, presentation or pitch. Which bits worked? Which bits don't? What have you learnt from the process?


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Psychological Artistry One Day

The Psychological Artistry focuses on developing your personal effectiveness and through challenging your worldview and stimulating insights through art forms. This one day workshop is an enriching and life-changing experience for many of our clients. It is aimed at people who are looking to take the next step forward.

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