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New Thinking Tools

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Take AIM is a very useful tool and a framework for making your ideas deliverable. Under the "Artistry stance", consider things like what emotions you wish to convey, how do you bring passion to what you do, how do you bring things to life? Bring in creativity, new perspectives, different voices, inspirational stories, dramatic emotions, powerful metaphors, stirring communication and moving connections with your audiences.

Under "Intention stance", think through what you mean to deliver, what your real intent is, what you mean to deliver, what your legacy is, what you wish to become and be remembered for, where your passion lies and what you wish to change. How do you want to appear? How does this reflect you and your wider aspirations?

Under "Manifest stance", simply ask, "how do I make it so?" These ideas are best illustratred graphically, using the diagram below:

The intersections between the areas will also give you questions to ask and ideas to inspect and explore. At the meeting of Artistry and Intentionality lies the heart of creativity.

This area produces an energetic outlet for your imagination, where you can tame wild ideas, solve difficult problems and generate whole new approaches to the world.

Artistry and Manifestation come together to produce your delivery, the ultimate product of your creative nature and actions which you have taken.

This can either be through your own personal determination, through therapeutic practices,  self development, public speaking, advertisements, meetings, writing or anything that relies on inter-personal communication.

Achieving your target, goal setting, achieve goals, performance goals

Achieving your target, goal setting, achieve goals, performance goals

Between Intentionality and Manifestation is your outcome, a place where desire meets actions, attitudes meet behaviours, ideas meet beliefs and what you wish and what you do come together to produce what becomes reality.

In the middle, there lies the Target. This is where all three areas of AIM meet and is what should be kept in mind throughout any of your delivery. It is the coming together of Intentionality in the form of your personality, your aims and your history, Artistry in the form of the audience's connection, emotion and your passion, and finally, Manifestation, in the form of your actions, your attitudes and your outcome.

I have found this approach to have massive potential in all areas of delivery and communication, providing motivation, analysis, insight and ideas for many people to use.

The SNT kit fits perfectly in to teaching and using the AIM model, as it gives you the chance to explore what many of these ideas mean to you and others.

The Power of Psychological Artistry


In your delivery, whether it’s sales, communication, human resources, therapy, acting, designing or anything else, you must be able to unlock people’s attention . This means you must:

Gain interest and stand out from the crowd
Tap into your own and other people’s passion
Communicate effectively and efficiently
Engage people with what you do and how you do it

There are many ways of achieving these things and directing people’s attention to your delivery, yet we have found a very simple and straight forward way is to look at your MMI’s and MME’s.

These are six principles, divided in to two, that give you an innovative and practical guide in to how your audience, readers, work colleagues, prospective clients or anyone else see what you do.


Multiple Moments of Interest – What is important to you? What holds the most meaning?
Multiple Moments of Interaction – At what points are you invited to interact? What can be demonstrated physically?
Multiple Moments of Insight - How are things shown to be true? When does the audience go ‘Ah-ha’?


Multiple Moments of Empathy – What makes you likeable? When does the audience say ‘me too’?
Multiple Moments of Energy – Where is the high point and low point in the presentation? Is it focused on positive, negative or neutral points?
Multiple Moments of Emotion – What do you want the audience to feel? Is there a powerful meaning behind the message?

Exploring The Art of Possibility

In the workshop, we will explore how Psychological Artistry, illusions and Mind Magic provide important insights into how we think, how we learn and how we experience the world, whilst training you in the tricks of the trade.  For the first time, as part of the workshop, you are supplied with the contents of both the SNT and the SMS. This combines over 20 practical items that you can take away and use straight away. The day is all about;

Art of possibility, imagination, being imaginative, imaginatively, changing perspectives
Exploring the art of possibility
Stimulating creativity and innovation
Transforming personal and professional life
Tapping into your imagination

On the personal development level, it is about working with:

Self esteem
Self confidence
Self awareness
Self motivation

The workshop is both for the talented and the timid. It is about making the impossible possible, the unthinkable thinkable. It is intended for people who are curious, who want to improve how they connect, express and communicate with others.

Overall, it is about adding new skills to you and being able to apply the techniques and ideas from Psychological Artistry and Mind Magic to maximise what you do.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sleight of Mind Set Workshops


Yes, although we prefer to call them effects. On the day, we talk about the difference between "tricks", "effects" and "pieces", and talk about how you can make tricks into effects and ultimately, use them as pieces of your delivery. You will be taught the effects and the how to use them on the workshops, as well as be given the SNT kit and SMS pack. You will come away from the workshop with ways to:

  • Float a note
  • Influence, control and predict people’s choices
  • Make people see what's not there
  • Warp paper in people’s hands
  • Predict any card, object or selection
  • Read anyone’s mind, anywhere, anytime you want


No, they both come as part of the programme. The Sleight of Mind Set has the material that allows you to do the above effects. The SNT (Show, Not Tell) kit is a tool and resource all on its own. For full details, please go to


You can use this anywhere. To see how it’s already been used, you can look at the business page (at, the community page (at and the therapy and coaching page (at


The workshops are being held across the UK in Birmingham, Bath, Glasgow, Scunthorpe and London.


All of the workshops start at 10 a.m. and aim to finish about 5 p.m. The London Workshop is on 20th February, Glasgow will be on 5th March, Birmingham is on 12th March, Bath will be held on 20th March and Scunthorpe is being run on 29th March.


Yes, there are discounts available for multiple booking. For Birmingham, one place is £99.99 and two places are £189.99. The same prices are available in Scunthorpe. The prices for Bath are £129.99 for one place and £249.99 for two. For Glasgow, the price is £119.99 for one person and £229.99 for two. Finally, London is £139.99 for one person and £259.99 for two people.


No, not at all. The open workshops take every one through the process step by step. The approach we take is closer to mind magic and mentalism (Derren Brown etc.) rather than conjuring (Paul Daniels etc.) Previous participants have found the effects practical for what they do. For more on this, please go to


No. This is because it’s based on non-traditional approaches, uncommon knowledge from magic and is delivered flexibly, based on the people who are attending. It’s this flexible and non-traditional approach that creates its strength.


No, we take an informal approach where everyone is comfortable and have fun.


No, lunch is not provided by us. All of the venues, however, are located near shops and town centres. We put aside at least an hour for lunch on the day and provide tea and coffee.


This depends on your personal preference.

It’s not necessary as we provide:

  • The SNT kit
  • The SMS pack
  • A 2-hour video with instructions for the SNT kits
  • Presentation slides
  • Notes on the effects you will learn
  • Files for extra printed materials
  • Follow up opportunities
  • Systems for continual development
  • Post-workshop support, including email and phone access


No, we are currently not offering video streams or webcasts that are suitable for distance learning. However, the SNT kit is available separately, which includes the 2 hour video which is suitable for distance learning.


Most magicians are known for using “sleight of hand” to pull of their tricks. We like to use sleight of mind to pull off ours. It is also about understanding people’s attitudes, perceptions and ideas, or in other words, their mind sets.


Yes, we offer bespoke training to companies and organisations that are dedicated to training and developing their staff at any level. For more information on this, please get in touch using


You can book on the workshop by going to and using the options at the bottom. You can use PayPal or Google, which both give you the option to use their paying systems if you are already registered, or use a credit or debit card to pay. There are other alternatives available and you can use the contact button at the bottom of the web page to do this as well.


The mix of over a hundred years of mind magic tradition, psychology, neuroscience, design and smart thinking makes the materials and approach available extremely rare. Mind magic still maintains its pull factor and has always intrigued and fascinated. It attracts large theatres of people and huge TV audiences. We bring both personal and practical experience in all of these areas.

Creating Value for Others

Part of our development is always looking and exploring how to add value to others through what we do and what we deliver.  One way this can be achieved is through creating new experiences for others. Using Psychological Artistry and Mind Magic is a way to guarantee a different experience for people.

Today there is so much pessimism and cynicism around that to make a difference and to get our message across, we need to spark people’s passions. Psychological Artistry and Mind Magic not only does this but is also a route to add value to others through opening up different perspectives for them.

By adding passion and different perspectives, it gives us the momentum to change and act. The energy released can take people beyond where they would normally go.

By using Mind Magic you can inspire, energise and engage audiences, enliven meetings and presentations and contribute to your personal or organisational brand. This means that you are more memorable and stand out from the crowd. One thing is certain, after this day, you will never view the world in the same way again.

Sparking Passion, Emotion, emotional , passion, passionate

Business and Mind Magic

Who Benefits?

After discussing this with many people, commonly asked questions are Who is it for? Who is it aimed at? Who benefits from attending the course? To answer this, it is better to look at what people have wanted from engaging with us. The following list is made up of the most common expectations from the workshops. People have wanted;

An increase in confidence
To enliven their presentations
New and different approaches
Something to impress others with
Their curiosity satisfied
Extra skills and tools to use
An increased reputation
Better understanding
New pathways for their proffesional lives
A face-to-face training experience
A solution to white noise syndrome
A channel for their passion and fascination
Wider perspectives and experiences
Boosting your confidence, confidence building, being confident, self esteem, self improvement, gain confidence
Greater presence and charisma when delivering presentations and communicating
To add variety, novelty and difference to their delivery
A way of adding value to and gaining new clients
What People Say About The Workshops
Fascinating, Entertaining, Mind Blowing Stimulating

We know that today, people are actively seeking out different approaches and ways of getting their messages across. They want new ways of communicating what may have become familiar and staid.We have both (myself and Alex) been very pleased with this feedback, seeing that we are meeting expectations and adding value. To see what people have said see What People Say From the feedback we have had, we know that we are meeting these expectations. From the last few workshops we ran, the comments and feedback included;

Mind blowing experience
Entertaining and informative
Had an amazing time
Exceeded my expectations
Loved it
Really fascinating

People have also told us;

I came away with lots of ideas to create drama and interest in my training delivery.”

“The whole group laughed many times and were absolutely fascinated by each technique.”

“Nothing but praise. It was a light-hearted and informative day and I was able to go home and immediately try things.

The following day I made use of my new information in a therapy session - to great effect.”

“You obviously have something very special happening here”

Inspiring experience, inspire, mind reading, George Rowley, Mind magic training, learning mind magic

Tapping Into The Rich Popularity

I know that some people view Mind Magic and Magic in a negative light. However, it has a rich tradition of applied psychology, personal development, creativity and presentation skills to pull on. It also has an enduring popularity; “The Magicians” was viewed by about 6 million people every week. Tapping into some of this popularity is where some of the power of Mind Magic lies.

Tapping into Popularity, Amazon, Psychology

Take a look at this, it's Amazon's "Most Popular Tags" for books, as of December 2012. You'll see the enduring popularity of the subjects you will explore on the workshop. When you deliver using Mind Magic, it;

Makes you stand out
Adds to your reputation
Adds mystery and surprise to what you do
Makes people engage with you more
Creates surprise and grabs attention
Creates attraction, interest and engagement

The strength of learning Mind Magic is that it is not only fun, creative and unique, but it also provides an unconventional approach to delivering services and working with individuals. 

Building communication, personal brand, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills

It provides your audience with an insight into their psychology, whilst allowing you to stand out from the crowd and deliver your message in a memorable way. For some individuals who may be vulnerable, this is a very powerful experience for them.

Others I have worked with so far have said that learning Mind Magic contributes to their:

Building Confidence Personal Brand
Creative Thinking Building Sales
Client retention Critical Thinking
Client referrals Presentation skills
Communication skills Changing Perceptions

It is the combination of both of the above lists that makes what someone said on the previous workshop, that what is here “is something very special”.

Science and Mind Magic


All Is Not As It Appears

Pablo Picasso was once sat on a train daydreaming. He was shaken out of it by a short man in a gray suit, complaining at him that his “so-called art” was nothing like real life. “How can you call it art?” he spat. “People don’t have both eyes to the right of their nose! Flowers aren’t square! My body is not made up of circles and triangles! Why don’t you just paint people like they really are!?”

Picasso sat in silence for a second, and asked what the man meant. “Look!” The man reached into his wallet and took out a black and white photograph. “That’s my wife!” said the man. “Isn’t she rather small and flat?” responded Picasso.

This old joke illustrates one of the most practical and wide reaching principles we will explore on the day; all is not as it appears. Through out all of our lives, we experience what are called everyday illusions. These are moments where our brain will jump to a wrong conclusion as to what's happening around us and block out what is really going on.

You may have come across visual illusions in the past, but everyday illusions affect more than just what we see, they affect what we pay attention to, what and how we remember, how we see ourselves, how we motivate ourselves and much more.

It's these illusions that allow magicians to fool us so badly, and it's these that you will learn about on the workshop. You can learn more about these illusions, which we use in the SNT kit, by clicking here.

George Rowley, learning mind magic, mind magic training, mentalism training, learning mind reading, entertaining, mind magic workshop

The Sleight of Mind Set Pack

For all of the effects, we will provide you with the ideas, techniques, materials and gimmicks that will allow you to do the following:

You Will Believe A Note Can Float

In this astonishing and simple trick, you borrow a note from anyone and without any distraction or misdirection, you are able make it float in front of people's eyes. The note can be clearly seen to be floating between your hands, with nothing touching it. This is an automatic attention grabber. It can be in front of one person or in front of hundreds, in any size room and at any time you wish.

Your psycho-kinesis  doesn't have to stop with notes, you can move pieces of paper, make objects fall over and rise up at will, make playing cards jump in to your hands and much more. One peculiar effect of your psychokinetic powers is that without going anywhere near a member of the audience, you can cause them to feel eerie touches going up and down their arm. Again, with almost no effort and very little tricky involved.

More than 50 years of paranormal investigation has been focused on studying this amazing feat of psycho-kinesis. The ability to move objects with the intense focus of the mind has baffled parapsychologists and has been at the centre of the contention for psychic powers for decades. With a few minutes of practice, you will have the same gifts demonstrated by Uri Gellar, James van Praagh and many other mystery workers.

Rapt attention, misdirection, laughter and astonishment, mind magic, mentalism, trick, trick of the mind

Psi Kick

Here we provide the materials so you can duplicate the original psychic experiments. In the 1950’s and 60’s, the scientific communities were rocked by claims from the Rhine Academy that they had found concrete evidence of paranormal behaviour in their subjects. To demonstrate this, they conceived a three stage test that would push all known human capabilities. This is what you can demonstrate to people.

Special powers, mind reading, mentalism, paranormal powers, psychic

Stage One – Whilst sitting face to face, the tester would select one symbol from the five available and attempt to transmit the image to the subjects mind. By holding the selected symbol in neutral space between the experimenter and the subject, the “psychic” was able to tell what symbol was being transmitted.

Stage Two – After a high success rate in stage one, the test progressed to the second stage. The symbols were now mixed and the experimenter was asked to take one at random.

Without either person seeing which symbol was taken, the subject was able to predict which symbol the tester had taken.

Step Three – To eliminate all other variables, for the final stage, the subject was placed in an isolated room, far away from the symbols and the tester. With a one-way radio set up, so the “psychic” could tell which symbol to focus on, the experimenter was told to take a symbol from a randomly mixed selection.

Again, the subject was able to accurately predict every single symbol selected.

Any Object, Any Time, Any Where

You lay out a number of objects on the table. A phone, a comb, a pencil, some keys, some coins. The audience member has completely free choice as to which ones they wish to pick up, give you, use or get rid of. You attempt not to influence their choices, but no one is sure if you're using reverse psychology or not. All that is known is that the audience member has a choice to make.

Is it influence? Is it chance? Is it deep psychological insight? Or, is it a true prophetic gift that you possess? A completely free choice is made from a selection of random items on a table.

Either way, you made a prediction long before the audience member even saw what was lying on the table. Spookily enough, the prediction was 100% correct.

You can do this with any number of items, with any one you want, any where you want and at any time you want. It's a simple, elegant and yet powerful effect that you can carry around with you whenever you like.

Learning to direct attention, perception, , mind magic, mentalism, trick, trick of the mind

Sway Minds

Emotional engagement, standing out from the crowd, , mind magic, mentalism, trick, trick of the mind

Here, you mind read someone's strong emotional memory. The human brain is like a house, with its many rooms and its many memories. For you, walking in and out of other people’s memories is just as easy as walking in and out of the rooms of your home.

To show this, you have your friend think of a strong emotional memory, some time they’ve been really motivated, or a time they’ve felt silly and mischievous. You get them to think of when they felt like this, and if there was any one they thought of when doing it.

Without them realising, you’ve just walked straight into their past. They don’t believe you? You show them that whilst they were remembering, you wrote down 3 very specific details from their memories that weren’t even said out loud until you had put the pen down and moved away. Spooky.

By leveraging their emotional state, you have engaged them on a number of new levels. You have been both entertaining and memorable, whilst also giving them an excuse to indulge in meaningful memories.

Dangerous Money

Borrowed money is put into an envelope; it is mixed up with other envelopes so no one knows where the money is. People then get to choose which envelopes to destroy, however, you always manage to save the right one.  This is a very engaging piece where you show your powers of clairvoyance and influence.

A lot of stage acts use fire and wild animals to add danger and risk to what they do. You don’t. You use something much more valuable than your own neck, their money. Having chosen a faced down envelope at random and mixing them up, the spectator has no idea where their money is.

You’ll now let the audience decide where the money is, even though they have no clue either. You have given them a couple of clues though. Would the money be in the Sexy envelope? Or the Good one?

What about the Bad one? Do they look like they’d put it in This one or That one? This could be an entertaining and light-hearted journey through the inner workings of the mind, or an insightful study of the unconscious.

Substantive meaning, money trick, , mind magic, mentalism, trick, trick of the mind

Your Impossible Business Card

Schema violation, stroop effect trick, , mind magic, mentalism, trick, trick of the mind

You show or talk about the Stroop test, where the text of a colour is shown in a different colour. You talk about how we get mixed up by seeing the word red in blue ink or the word blue in red ink. You provide a demonstration by writing the word red in blue ink on one of your business cards. You get the audience member to sign it, so they remember what just happened.

After some talk about how confusing this is, you ask them to pick up the card and read out what it says. Somehow, with you on the opposite side of the room, their signed card now has blue written in red ink on it. They are left with an impossible object, a mystery and a very strong memory of you.

This is perfect for a network meeting or any opportunity where you wish to give out a business card, or in fact whenever you wish to make an impact. It's a great moment where you reveal the changing colour and it's almost guaranteed that the person your performed this for will want to look at your business card. You can also do this with any word you wish, any concept, name or idea.

The Great Persuader

Imagine that you’re faced with a simple choice. You can either choose the right path, or the left path? Which one will you go down? At the end of the right path, there is one single gold coin. But, at the end of the left path, there is a bag full of silver coins. Which one will you go down now? Has your choice changed?

This effect is all about decisions. You can decide to take a gold envelope, or a silver envelope. Or, you can decide to take the envelope that as an E on, or the one with an R on. The only thing you would ask is to try and not be influenced by what I’m saying. The choice is made again, and again, and again. Then, the envelopes are flipped over, and again, you can choose to take the gold or the silver, or the envelope with 6 or 2 on.

Even though you may have resisted all attempts at being influenced, there is a prediction hanging up on the wall. Lo and behold, the prediction has accurately guessed at ever single decision you made.

This can be piled with talk about influence, decision making, psychology, human behaviour, body language, personality types and a thousand more ideas. Ultimately, you can never be wrong.

Power of perception, decision making trick, , mind magic, mentalism, trick, trick of the mind

More Great Tricks

Increase your reputation, building your reputation, reputation maker, , mind magic, mentalism, trick, trick of the mind

Throughout the day, you will learn a number of ways to influence, divine or even predict people's completely free choices. These can range from items on a table, thought of cards, words in a book, numbers, colours, shapes, people, actual playing cards, names and almost any other random collection you can think of.

You will also learn how to predict a huge number of seemingly random events that culminate in a shocking and unbelievable twist that is perfect to finish a presentation, a training day, a pitch or a network meeting.

All of these are completely flexible and designed to add an element of mystery, entertainment and surprise to what you do. By using Mind Magic and a combination of the SNT kit and the SMS pack, you begin to add a variety of tools to what you do, you stand out from the crowd, make an emotional connection, reach people on a deeper and meaningful level, show not tell and create value for others, all whilst being entertaining and getting your message across.

That is where the real power of Mind Magic and Psychological Artistry comes in.

The Show, Not Tell Kit


Simply Business Professional Indemnity

Simply Business Professional Indemnity

Public Liability : £5,000,000
Professional Indemnity : £1,000,000

View our policy details

We hold your safety and ours of the upmost importance. Each and every workshop and product is covered in our Professional Indemnity Insurance to make sure that both you and we are covered in an emergency. There will always be first aid kits, health and safety information and fire and other emergency procedures available and walked through on every workshop. We take this very seriously and are covered up to £1,000,000 Professional Indemnity and up to £5,000,000 Public Liability.

The Content of the Workshop

The Sleight of Mind Set workshops are packed full of intriguing, inspiring and insightful tricks, tools and techniques. It has been honed over the past 3 years to provide both an entertaining and engaging day that has both surprise and mystery wrapped up in its DNA. By attending the day, you will be learning:

The effects and how to incorporate them into what you do

The ideas, tools, tips and techniques required to deliver the contents of the SNT kit and the SMS pack

The Theory and Frameworks that lie behind Psychological Artistry

The Principles behind why Mind Magic works
Behind the Scenes - Neuroscience
Practical, Real World Applications of the Material
Exciting thought provoking, inspirational motivational,

The Themes of the Workshop

The themes of the day are useful  to you, whether you are in business, therapy, training, coaching, teaching, presenting, advertising, delivering, developing, communication, human relations, NLP or any field that depends on interacting with someone else and creating a lasting impression. The day will certain provide brand new tools and novel approaches to what you do.

The themes are:

Practical Application of Your Advantage
Innovation & Creativity
Show, Not Tell
Emotional Engagement
Using Magic, Surprise & Mystery
Use of Story and Drama
The Power of Real World Interaction and Experience
Psychological Artistry, psychological artistry workshop, psychological artistry training, , mind magic, mentalism, trick, trick of the mind

What You Take Away From The Workshop

Since the beginning of 2011, we have been running these workshops across the country. On each of the workshops, we have had people thrilled and excited by the materials we have given them, as well as the alternative approaches to traditional problems and grateful for the fun and entertainment we have provided, as well as energized by the thought of all the fun and entertainment they can provide. We have done this by providing the following materials:

The SNT Kit - 12 items to develop and deliver Psychological Artistry
2 Hour Training Video - online supporting materials for the SNT kit
The SMS Pack - materials used to achieve all the effects shown in the workshop
Presentation - a copy of the PowerPoint presentation used to review the day
Sleight Of Mind Set eBook - a guide containing notes, scripts and supporting information for the workshop
Follow-up support - From the trainers, if and when needed
Be different, personal brand, use emotions, stand out, be unique, make a difference, engage more, have fun

The Sleight of Mind Set Workshops are one day workshops all about learning and applying Psychological Artistry and Mind Magic (Mentalism) ideas and techniques. They teach you how to stand out, how to make a difference, how to get your meswsage across in effective and entertaining ways and how to tap in to the popularity of show, not tell, magic, curiosity and mystery.

They all start at 10:00 a.m. and finish at 4:30 p.m. Previous 2012 sessions have all been sold out, with many others starting to reach their capicity.

Take this oppurtunity to enhance your communication, engagement, entertainment and knowledge. There are only limited spaces due to the venue, and included in this cost is the SNT and the SMS materials, worth over £125. Book now, and begin your Psychological Artisty and Mind Magic experience journey.

The Sleight of Mind Set Workshops







The Sleight of Mind Set Workshop is a one day workshop all about learning and applying Psychological Artistry and Mind Magic. On the day, you will be given more than 20 discrete routines, ideas and techniques which you will be supplied with in the SNT kit and the Sleight of Mind Set.

You will be able to use these to enhance, enliven and enrich your delivery.

In the workshop, we will demonstrate techniques and ideas which will be explained with practical advice on how to use them. Included as part of the day, we will use the Show, Not Tell kit and the Sleight of Mind Set.

All the items presented during the day are entertaining, informative, engaging and practical for you to apply to your delivery.

By learning and engaging with Mind Magic, you are:

Mind Magic , Mystery, Curiosity, neuroscience, psychological artistry, mentalism, perception
Exploring the art of possibility
Stimulating creativity and innovation
Tapping into your imagination

As well as exploring the SNT and SMS, we will look at why we believe what we do, or why we believe weird things. The workshop weaves a path through Psychological Artistry, Mind Magic, neuroscience and practical delivery methods.

Innovation and creativity lie at the heart of Psychological Artistry and Mind Magic, so whether you are already actively engaged in using your creative skills or just looking to stimulate and nurture your creativity, you will find practical tools for releasing the spirit of innovation and creativity on the Sleight of Mind Set workshop.

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