• Theatre of Perception
    Understanding new and different perceptions is fun and engaging, giving you deeply personal insights
Why does understanding perception matter to you?

It matters because your perceptions underpin all we think, know and believe. They are the underlying elements which guide our decision making, confidence and behaviours. Our perceptions affect all aspects of our life; work, social and romantic.

Understanding new and different perceptions is fun and engaging and gives you deeply profound and personal insights. It allows you to reframe the story you tell yourself and reveal yourself as your own hero.

What does the Theatre of Perception Talk give you?
Engage and Benefit

We give you tools which stimulate our Engage and Benefit approach: the only way we have found to stand out in an increasingly volatile and competitive business environment is to show our value proposition with intriguing, fascinating and unique real-world demonstrations. This leads to direct engagement with what you do and gets your message across in memorable and stimulating ways.

Magician's Mindset

We give you tools which create a Magician's Mindset; the most important things people have taken away from all of our training is the feeling that they can do the impossible. This is the Magician's Mindset, a rich source of inner confidence that can apply across your business and personal life. It is formed when we show you that we cannot believe what we see, but we see what we believe.

Embodied Metaphors

We give you tools which are Embodied Metaphors: these are ways to communicate messages and ideas which do not rely on previous experiences. This is the power that seeing magic tricks first hand can provide. You do not have to reach down or stir the Hidden Depths for change to happen, you do not have to experience the negative emotions associated with trauma. You can stimulate and create new hooks to hang behaviours on by providing strong, positive, and supportive messages through novelty, creativity and empowering thoughts.

Empower and Enrich

We give you tools to Empower and Enrich: we believe that growth and learning is at the core of our lives, so each tool we develop and deliver on the Psychological Artistry day is aimed squarely at empowering you to take action and enriching your life. Our business model is based on Zig Ziglar's quote;

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

Stronger Communication

Being more perceptive gives you the ability to see things from other's points of view. This makes you a better communicator because you can connect with people more, become more empathetic and increase sales by providing better solutions.

Faster Thinking

Neuroscience shows us that our thoughts travel at 100,000 miles a second. This means we take information in at monumentally fast rate. Perceiving more means that you have a rich resource of speed at your disposal that allows for faster, more effective thinking.

Better Decision Making

By seeing problems and obstacles from more points of view, you can generate more solutions. This means you have more options of how to act and a greater range of information, making you more informed when it comes to making decisions.

Smarter Performance

Learning about your Perceptions increases your productivity by giving you more options and a smarter way of working. It boosts communication, decision making and thinking. Appreciating new perceptions is a skill to add, ready for you to use it when needed.

Opening up your perceptions

Perceptions and You

Getting to know more about perceptions will lead to future creativity and innovation in your thoughts and behaviour. You will understand how we can go beyond our current ways of seeing and become a poet of the human interior. This has definite benefits in life, love and learning.

Neuroscience and Behavioural Insights specifically aim to understand how the brain turns information into meaning. The Theatre of Perception talk looks to do this and allows you to make sense of your senses.

The solution we propose is giving you the leverage to change your own thinking, which in turn will change your own behaviour.

Once you see how powerful this can be, it will become apparent to you just how useful and practical applying these principles can be. As you start to see and perceive you think, act, and behave, you'll start to get a better understanding and conceive how your clients think, act and behave as well.

What we look at giving you is a series of fixes and solutions to a number of the problems you face day-to-day. You have had many years of experience of working in your area and you know the standards which you wish to reach, but often struggle to bridge that gap when you are faced with day-to-day challenges.

We don't want to change what you do, we want to change how you show it.

Learn, Apply, Achieve

Our Process

Step 1 - Learn

To first understand what something is, we must be open to perceiving it. This is what we refer to as Perceptual Acuity, how sharp your perceptions are and how quickly you can take in new information. You must become open to new possibilities, new opportunities, and new resources in order to learn.

Step 2 - Apply

Once you have learned something new, you must be able to apply it. If you cannot connect these dots, then you have failed. If you know all the communication theories but fumble a simple conversation, you have failed. That is why you must apply, and you must be open to noticing chances and times when to do this.

Step 3 - Achieve

As you become increasingly open to novelty and difference, the fuels that drives the engine of creativity and change, you will see that Learning and Applying lead to success. It is this process of absorbing new information and refining it through application that creates a sense of achievement, and all along the way, your perceptions act as gatekeepers, guides and gifts to keep you going.

Your Opportunity

All of our talks use the science of your brain to improve your mindsets. They are all delivered with humour, clarity and delight and engaging with daring ideas. Our aim s to make complex neuroscience insights and behavioural science concepts easy to understand and explain their relevance to your life.

Each talk is demonstrated and illustrated using illusions, magic and mindsets, suitable for 6 people up to 100+ attendees and can be tailored to fit from 20 minutes up to 2 hours.

We'd love to be working with you on these. How do you think we could make this possible? We're open to all ideas! If you want to discuss these or any other sessions, talks or projects available, fill in the form below. You can also call and leave on message on 07941 521 469 or we can set up a discussion over Skype. Thank you so much for your time and attention, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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