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    Mindsways looks at the Ways of the Mind and how we Sway Minds.


Mindsways services are based on applying a unique blend of Psychological Artistry, neuroscience, mentalism, design and smart thinking.

Psychological Artistry has a direct effect on your cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.

We use all of this to help you in creating an experience that challenges perspectives, enhances performance and develops your understanding of thinking styles. Psychological Artistry leads to increasing the demand and interest in you and your business.

This helps you in:

Standing out

There is so much noise in today's online and physical environments that it can be very difficult to establish yourself as a leading brand. Using Psychological Artistry allows you to stand out and get your message across in entertaining, enlightening and engaging ways.

Engaging people

Using Psychological Artistry and Mentalism you can bring wonder, amazement and awe into your work and business. Mindsways is all about using these unique techniques as a way to communicate meaning and motivation. The emotional connection formed through meaningful performance is at the heart of creating a real impact with your work.

Creating surprise – Grabbing attention

Using Psychological Artistry creates a theatrical experience, which means it is best witnessed live. Your work and business setting naturally provides an excellent platform to make use of these techniques and get people to listen to what you have to say. You can easily add to your delivery by using astonishing tricks.

Enhancing your brand's reputation

The meaning behind any good brand is always waiting in the wings, begging to be brought out. By using the Mindsways Approach, you can use theatrical techniques that grab people's attention and ensure your message is being heard. When the powerful message behind your brand is seen, people will want to tell others and increase engagment.

Effective Communication

The essence of all human engagement is the emotional connection that you can tap in to, stimulate and illustrate. The stronger the emotions, the more memorable your work is. This same force that has people streaming into theatres can also have them streaming into your business. We work together to capture this emotional force for use in your business.

Building Creativity

Creativity is a mindset that brings with it the willingness to experiment, fail and start again. It is vital to business in the 21st century that we embrace this mindset. The process of deep creativity that Mindsways delivers will take you beyond your previous limits into a weird and wonderful world that you can use to leverage your passion, purpose and playfullness.


I know that some people view Mind Magic and Magic in a negative light. However, it has a rich tradition of applied psychology, personal development, creativity and presentation skills to pull on. It also has an enduring popularity; “The Magicians” was viewed by about 6 million people every week. Tapping into some of this popularity is where some of the power of Mind Magic lies.

The strength of learning Mind Magic is that it is not only fun, creative and unique, but it also provides an unconventional approach to delivering services and working with individuals.

When you deliver using Mind Magic, it;

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The rich history and tradition of Mind Magic goes back further than a hundred years and will continue for more than the next hundred. It is packed full of interesting characters, creators, creatives and innovators who have taken a non-traditional approach to their performances and their lives.

Magic has been practiced and loved by scientists (Richard Feynman, Richard Wiseman) film makers (Stephen Spielberg, JJ Abrahms, Orsen Welles) and other performers (Neil Patrick Harris, Steve Martin, Dick Van Dyke) throughout the ages and has always captured people's imaginations and interests.

Using Mind Magic in your delivery, whether that's through team-building exercises, pitching, selling your products or services, creating new and innovative approaches to old problems or working to manage people, taps into a long and well-doucmented fascination with the mysterious art form.

It provides your audience with an insight into their psychology, whilst allowing you to stand out from the crowd and deliver your message in a memorable way. For a range of audiences, involving some individuals who may be vulnerable or require your help, this is a very powerful experience.

Mind Magic In Business

For business, originality and difference count, people are more likely to engage and pay for what they haven't seen and can never see elsewhere.Creating an original approach, a unique presentation and innovative style will increase the demand and interest in your work and business. Increasing your business is all about adding value to your customers.

The way you communicate must express to people what is in your heart and mind. This holds for individuals and teams within any business setting. Applying Mind Magic is about creating an experience of impenetrable mystery, deep astonishment and turning presumptions and certainties upside down.

The Sessions acheive this through delivering workshops and seminars, both open and bespoke in-house. We also work on this with individuals through face to face and online coaching and training sessions. Difference creates a commercial advantage that lines up with your character, your style and your vision. This is what creates worth for your customers and clients, so they will give you their valuable time and attention.

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These videos explore vital elements of Psychological Artistry. The first video is Richard Wiseman's "The Amazing Colour Changing Card Trick", which shows that we will often miss the most obvious things, no matter how closely we think we are looking.

By demonstrating this in a very clear and entertaining way, Wiseman is also showing off the power of the Show, Not Tell philosophy. He manages to sneak past our rational and deductive minds and completely fool us.

The materials in the SNT kit and the tricks you get on the day are made up of similar illusions and demonstrations that you can use and perform yourself and put your messages on to.


Perspectives determine how you see the world, how you view and interpret your experiences, filter your insights, govern your assumptions and how you act and behave. They are an unseen primary influence on everything you do. Magicians and entertainers know and use this very well.

Creating changes in perspective, challenging assumptions and doing so in a light, funny and engaging way is the main goal of Psychological Artistry and Mind Magic.

A great example of this can be found here, where you see very clearly that all is not as it appears.


Here we have the McGurk effect an eerie illusion that proves beyond any doubt, that all is not as it appears. Even though we can see what is happening, the illusion itself will always work.

This also shows that illusions don't just work with our visuals, we can also experience illusions with sounds, touch and taste as well.

These two both illustrate very effectively we can't believe what we see, but we see what we believe. The materials in the SNT kit and the tricks you get on the Sleight of Mind Set workshops are made up of similar illusions and demonstrations that you can use and perform yourself and put your messages on to.


In his astonishing TED talk, Beau Lotto demonstrates the power of visual illusions to the world. Ranging from the importance of illusion for survival and to why we create meaning from context, Lotto's talk shows a number of remarkable tricks of the brain.

"The brain didn''t evolve to see the world as it really is... Instead, the brain evolved to see the world as it was useful to see in the past"

By combining the fascinating effect that illusions have on us with meaningful demonstrations of how these can be used to change the world and create beautiful pieces of art.


If we actually saw everything our eyes take in the world would be a very chaotic place for us. It is our mind that processes what the eyes take in and produces the carefully constructed illusions that we take as reality.

V.S. Ramachandran (Prominent neuroscientist and author of Phantoms in the Brain and The Telltale Brain) suggests that:"what you ‘see' is reliable, but not always an accurate representation of what exists in the world"

Take a look at this illusion which shows what happens when you focus on the cross. People have been really shocked at what they see happening. None of the images have been altered, all that you see is happening inside your head.


Mentalism (or sometimes Mind Magic) is a phrase we use when we talk about a particular set of magic tricks and psychological effects. Mentalism gives the appearance of being able to read minds, predict the future, influence people's thoughts and choices and demonstrate the impossible.

People have been fascinated and have engaged with this for at least a thousand years. In our technological age, this holds an even greater sway of attention and engagement.

The Secret History of Mentalism

Mentalism and Mind Magic goes back thousands of years, but it has become a more prominent since the mid eighteenth century.

Mentalism or magic is not the art of deception; it is the art of creativity. It's creating the impossible, creating wonder and stimulating imaginations. These all strengthen your effectiveness in your business and personal life, leading you to feel happier and more content with your world.

We use mentalism and mind magic ideas as a tool for creating more impactful communication, enhancing presentations, explaining and demonstrating our thinking styles. We specialize in Mentalism because we love working with people in expressing their deep, particular and personal ways of seeing the world.


Mentalism and Mind Magic owes its roots to a rich history of psychology and traditional magic, performed on stage or in the reading rooms of Victorian Britain and America. The thing that sets it apart from the magic that you might see on television such as Dynamo or David Blaine, or if you visit the theatre, such as Penn & Teller or David Copperfield, is that it may just be real.

Mentalism is used to inform, illustrate and entertain in a number of situations. It can, and has been used, in board meetings, workshops, personal development programmes, one-to-one sales, business presentations, networking events and TV shows.

Why Mindsways?

Grab attention and get your message across.

Mindsways looks at both the Ways of the Mind and how our Minds are Swayed.

Today, it's good to be looking at as many different sources and ways of generating new ideas as possible. If you are looking to improve your delivery, you are constantly in the process of creativity and refinement.

We are surrounded by so much pessimism and cynicism that to make a difference and get our message across we need to spark people's passions. Mindsways not only does this but is also a route to adding value to others through opening up different perspectives for them.

Using Psychological Artistry can open people's minds wide to the wonderful possibilities of the world. The people you aim your messages at aren't just entertained, they are enlightened and excited by your messages when you use tricks and techniques that have been developed over hundreds of years combined with current research..

People love mystery, they love learning and witnessing new things, and they will love your message when it's wrapped up in Psychological Artistry. To learn more and take your first steps into Mindsways, learn more about us below or book your place on the Psychological Artistry day!

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The IDEA Process

The IDEA process is the art behind Psychological Artistry. Repeat these four steps as many times as possible to refine and improve your delivery.

Step 1 - Impact

Create and define your message. What do you want to say? What impact do you want it to have? Who do you want to listen?

Step 2 - Develop

Play with the idea. Why is it important? What metaphors or examples could you use to illustrate it? When will it be used?

Step 3 - Evolve

Try it out a few times. What do your friends and family think about it? How can you use the feedback? How can you improve it?

Step 4 - Apply

Deliver your talk, presentation or pitch. Which bits worked? Which bits don't? What have you learnt from the process?

To learn more and take your first steps into Mindsways, learn more about us below or book your place on the Psychological Artistry day!

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Take a look at Apollo Robbins ted talk on direction/misdirection and our attention. Here you will see that it is attention that controls your perception and shapes your reality.

By using a combination of Mind Magic, Psychological Artistry, misdirection, direction, pick-pocketing techniques and quick witted psychology, Robbins' very easily entertains and mystifies the crowd whilst teaching them that all is not as it appears.


Marco Tempest is the master of delivering a fascinating topic in a fascinating manner. In all of his TED talks, he finds a way of combining cutting-edge technology with effective story telling, skilful magic effects and an emotional under-tone of wonder.

In this video presentation, he explores what magic means to him and what it means to us in general. He looks at the amazement it can instill in people of any age and at the oppourtunities it creates in people's minds.


The effect of Mind Magic, when combined with fascination, can become incredibly desirable for businesses, therapists and communicators.

These TED talks illustrate the intellectual side, as well as demonstrating some of the bold attention grabbing techniques that Mind Magic holds.

In this video, mentalist and "brain hacker" Keith Barry shows the audience how their minds can fool their bodies, and then what happens when you take this to the extreme.


Using a mix of classical stage magic and modern psychology, comedian and mentalist Eric Mead demonstrates the power of belief in a dangerous demonstration of will power.

Both the presentation and content of this video is fascinating to us. It prompts us to ask what's possible when we put our mind to it.

(WARNING: This video may not be suitable for those who are disturbed by needles and blood)


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