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We are a father-and-son team made up of George and Alex Rowley. Our aim is to share with you a fresh, insightful, at times provocative, revealing, neuro-inspired, magic-informed and entertaining approach to how we think and perceive the world.

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Mindsways LTD - Father-And-Son Magicians

Mindsways LTD (Company number 009960761) is a father-and-son team made up of George and Alex Rowley. Our aim is to share with you a fresh, insightful, at times provocative, revealing, neuro-inspired, magic-informed and entertaining approach to how we think and perceive the world.

We use our one-day workshops, digital kits and coaching to share with you the tricks, tools and techniques magicians have used for the past 150 to engage, enlighten and enrich their audiences. Our services are suitable for anyone with any background who's interested in adding something special to their Personal Development, Coaching, Training or Business. It’s perfect for beginners and powerful for professionals.

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For us, what matters is not just learning these ideas, but putting them in to action. This is why everthing we do is focused on giving you very practical ways of engaging people. See what kind of things we can share with you by watching the video below!

For years, we have been travelling across the country, performing the tricks, magic and technique we teach you with real audiences to make sure they're as effective and practical as possible. To find out more about what we do as AGMagicians, click here!

Mindsways LTD - What Do We Do?

We are dedicated to sharing magic and mentalism with everyone.

As professional magiciansfor the best part of the last 10 years, we have been creating, performing and developing our own unique style of magic, mentalism and Psychological Artistry. Mindsways is dedicated to sharing this powerful and wonderful approach to life with everyone.

Whether you use the tricks, tips and techniques we share with you in business, coaching, education, leadership, health, the community, the arts, therapy or for your personal development, you’ll gain a great amount of insight into how magicians think, solve problems, see the world and use psychology to their advantage.

The benefit of this approach creates a greater understanding of:

Lateral Thinking

Problem Solving

Cognitive Skills

Fostering Trust

& Imagination

& Motor Skills

Inter-Personal Communication

& Resilience

Psychological Wellbeing

Physical Wellbeing

Leadership & Teamwork

Self-Esteem & Confidence

This approach, what we call Psychological Artistry, has been developed over the past 30 years' worth of George running his own training companies and Alex's lifetime dedication to magic, mentalism and storytelling.

Who Are We?

We are father-and-son magicians, trainers and creators, George and Alex Rowley. Together, we make up Mindsways. We have been using the materials from this day to create and perform our own shows across the UK for the past 10 years.

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George works with a blend of psychology, behavioural sciences and mentalism to entertain, improve people's lives, working towards greater innovation and creativity and increased business opportunities.

He has been studying human psychology for over 30 years, with many awards and degrees under his belt. In the early 1990's, he was faced with working with vulnerable young adults - this is where he found the power of magic to entertain people and enrich peoples' lives.


Alex is an actor, writer and experienced magician who specialses in using a blend of psychology, theatre, behavioural insights and mentalism to tell effective, engaging and empowering stories.

Alex has spent over half of his life learning magic, performing on stage and across the UK. He focuses his attention on spreading awareness of mental health issues and sharing powerful storytelling techniques.

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What Is Psychological Artistry?

Psychological Artistry is a mixture of appreciating psychology, understanding human behaviour, developing personal insight, and using magic and mentalism to engage, enlighten and educate others.

The approach we take is what we call Psychological Artistry: this involves using our unique blend of psychology, magic, neuroscience, behavioural insights, mentalism, personal achievement, and smart thinking ideas. We appreciate that by its very nature, it is not a traditional approach. However, being different is where our power lies.

Psychological Artistry is suitable for anybody! Whether you’re looking to use Psychological Artistry in business (for pitches, presentations, sales or networking etc.), your own personal development (for improving your memory, critical thinking, creativity, dexterity etc.) or in your personal life (for increasing communication, understanding psychology and behavioural insights, exploring a new hobby etc.), it is a fun, engaging and innovative day that shares professional magic, presentation skills and new ideas.

Why Engage With Psychological Artistry?

Learning these various aspects of magic, mentalism and mystery, at their heart, are a great way to understand, unpick and question human behaviour. The magic you will see and learn challenges beliefs, creates new opportunities for innovation and delivers entertaining, memorable and powerful moments in coaching, business, interventions, presenting and personal life.

Learning magic, at any level, whether you choose to perform or not, can help you in your understanding of and enhancing your abilities at:

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Engaging with Psychological Artistry gives you a quick, effective and fun way to make an impact, whatever you’re doing, to attract new people regardless of your business or background, to grab attention in almost any situation, to ignite your own and other people’s passions and imagination, and finally, to connect to people on an entirely new level.

What do people say?

Watch the video below to see some of our many 5-Star Reviews!

Intriguing, interesting and enjoyable day which challenged my perceptions and thinking.

Mike T. March 2019

A very interesting,unusual and enjoyable day and I also learnt a some interesting magic tricks too. So yes, I can definetly reccomend a day with George and Alex.

Miriam M. March 2019

Loved every moment of it! George and Alex kept the group engaged, entertained and surprised throughout. Great people, wonderful ethics and fabulous entertainment. Thoroughly recommend

Melanie P. February 2019

Exceptional day, surpassed my expectations, thank you

Damon L. July 2018

Had a great day with George and Alex of Mindways. I now have some great ideas that I can incorporate into my workshops. I would highly recommend the Mindways events.

Helen D. May 2018

I had a huge amount of fun and learned a few things along the way too! I highly recommend that you join one of their sessions. 5****

Adele B. May 2017

Life is very serious and sometimes unnecessarily so. This is where Mindsways' approach can reach the parts that others can't reach through magic and humour. Thank you very much.

Alison R. July 2017

Fun, informative, engaging, different - a truly magical experience!

Lindsey H. February 2018

Their delivery was genuine and from a place of real authenticity. A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding day. Thanks again for all those 'no way' moments, fella

Simon C. Feburary 2018

My sincere thanks to both George and Alex for the day which was an invaluable experience and has given me a new range of tools to enhance my own training courses and presentations

Paul B. Feburary 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day - Their passion for their craft, their unpretentious delivery of their content and their humour make for a truly entertaining and enlightening day. Highly recommended!!

Karen K. November 2017

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Inspiring The Unconventional – Why Magic & Mentalism?

For business, originality and difference counts. For coaching, teaching and therapy, connection and communication counts. For developing our own personal skills, abilities and understanding, novelty and an understanding of human psychology counts.

All of these things and more can and have been found in magic, mentalism and mystery.

People are more likely to engage and pay for what they haven’t seen and cannot see elsewhere. People will understand your metaphors and meanings more clearly if they are visibly demonstrated. People will see you as more interesting and more engaging by using the same techniques magicians and mystery workers have used for centuries. By tapping into people’s imagination, curiosity and desire for mystery, we can engage them in all sorts of different ways.

By their very nature, our mentalism and magic methodologies are untypical and non-traditional. It is this approach that makes our methods (introducing new perspectives, exploring the power of different perceptions, learning entirely new ways of thinking and doing so in safe, secure and reflective environments) powerful and long-lasting.

Many people see magic and mentalism as very entertaining, and they are – but they can be much more than just that. It’s the underlying principles that allow magic to work which make it so unique and powerful. The aim of everything we do is to work with you in a straightforward and practical ways in exploring and uncovering these principles.

When you apply them, they will impact on and improve your:







Thinking Habits

Health & Wellbeing

Sales & Income

It is our aim that you work with Mindsways to see the world in a completely new way, with new ideas and a new sense of what's possible. We leverage our natural, in-built, biological tendency to enjoy novelty, magic and mystery so that we can teach, create new emotional memories, amplify learning points and greatly increase the chance of effective and positive change.

The Mindsways Manifesto

For years, we have been travelling across the country, performing the tricks, magic and techniques with real audiences to make sure they're as effective and practical as possible, so when we share them with you, they are practical, personal and effective.

As part of this, we perform as AGMagicians to ensure that we are delivering high-quality, engaging and entertaining techniques that real people love. This is the Mindsways Manifesto: to combine psychology, art, cognitive diversity and magic together to help you understand how your clients think, act and behave and lead to an increased interest in who you are and what you do.

Success for us happens when you have the courage to be yourself and put courageous ideas into action.

All of this helps you in:

Standing out

Increasing reputation

Engaging people

Creating surprise

Grabbing attention

Enhancing your brand

Creating connection

Building creativity

Who have we worked with?

We've had people from across the UK and Europe attend our workshops and creative services, and professionals from around the world purchase our kits. It doesn't matter what your background, training, education or experience in magic is, what we do is perfect for beginners and powerful for professionals!

A number of organisations we've worked with have come from:

What Do We Do?

Particularly in this worrying and stressful time for many of us, we need to keep our skills sharp and our minds active. Rather than solely leaning into our fears and anxieties, we need to balance ourselves by making sure this time is also used for activities that are productive, proactive and constructive. In the absence of doing face-to-face coaching and our workshops across the country, we are looking to find a viable alternative and contribute to your personal development during this difficult situation through offering heavily discounted online sessions and our Mindsways Digital Package. We use these services to share with you the tricks, tools and techniques magicians have used for the past 150 to engage, enlighten and enrich their audiences. We know because we have been performing these tricks, tips and techniques across the country for the best part of the last 10 years, So, take this chance to improve your professional and personal life with magic and mentalism now!

Online Services

Mindsways Digital Package

Our Most Popular Service!

This digital package brings together all of our previous kits and toolkits, totaling over 12 hours of video and audio, 34 tricks, techniques and methods, as well as three workbooks with a combined 350+ pages with hundreds of exercises across all three.

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Psychological Artistry Sessions

Psychological Artistry takes a direct approach to learning magic and delivers a series of jaw-dropping, mind-opening magic tricks that you can do with a bit of practice. Psychological Artistry is perfect if you are beginning your journey in learning magic, public speaking or coaching.

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Beyond Belief Sessions

Beyond Belief looks at the psychology behind how and why magic works. It is a more theory-driven approach, but you will still get to learn a lot of new and exciting magic. This is brilliant if you’re experienced as a business owner, trainer, entertainer or coach who wants to see the underpinning beliefs that make magic work.

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Digital Kits

Digital Kit Bundle

Our Most Popular Product!

Combining all of our kits together and saving 20%!

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Psychological Artistry Kit

A powerful digital kit packed full of magic, illusions and strong learning points that helps you getting your message acorss!

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The Mindsways Kit

Nearly 6 hours of live video revealing our magical secrets for effective, interesting and insightful training, pitches, conversations or presentations.

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Event Horizon Toolkit

A digital kit that looks at how you present your ideas in engaging, unique and memorable ways using our personal tools.

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