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We are George and Alex Rowley, a father-and-son team of magicians, trainers and creators who provide a magic-focused range of workshops, kits, creative services, consultancy and online resources to help you engage, enlighten and enrich other people.

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Mindsways LTD - Father-And-Son Magicians

We are George and Alex Rowley, a father-and-son team of magicians, trainers and creators. Our aim is to share with you a fresh, insightful, at times provocative, revealing, neuro-inspired, magic-informed and entertaining approach to how we think and perceive the world.

Together, we use our one-day workshops, digital kits and coaching to share with you the tricks, tools and techniques magicians have used for the past 150 to engage, enlighten and enrich their audiences. Our services are suitable for anyone with any background who's interested in adding something special to their Personal Development, Coaching, Training or Business. It’s perfect for beginners and powerful for professionals.

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For us, what matters is not just learning these ideas, but putting them in to action. This is why everthing we do is focused on giving you very practical ways of engaging people See what kind of things we can share with you by watching the video below!

For the last 10 years, we have been travelling across the United Kingdom, performing the tricks, magic and techniques we share with you to real audiences to make sure they're as effective and practical as possible. To find out more about what we do as AGMagicians, click here!

George Rowley

Psychologist, Expert Mind-Reader,
Half-Victor Meldrew, Half-Captain Kirk

George is an engaging presenter, caring mentor and dedicated performer. His skills as a public communicator and his dedication to engaging his audience, improving lives and sharing laughter make him an incredible magician, trainer and speaker.

John Doe

George has been working with Psychological Artistry (a blend of psychology, behavioural insights, magic and mentalism) in performing, entertaining, coaching, and improving people’s lives for the past 30 years. He performs, trains, coaches, delivers workshops, presentations and talks throughout the country.

He works extensively with individuals, small businesses, social enterprises and large organisations such as Amazon, Macmillan Cancer Support and the University of Liverpool etc., including multiple projects within the NHS.

He also performs magic professionally around the UK as part of AGMagicians, using these well-honed techniques to capture audience’s wonder and attention with the power of the impossible.

George believes that we all have a good deal of control over what skills we can develop and that the desire to change can spark amazing results. Experience is capable of changing brain structure significantly. Based on his knowledge gained and the experience of working with thousands of people, he has developed techniques and tools that give us a competitive edge. He uses Psychological Artistry as a tool to communicate these ideas.

Psychological Artistry is a blend of ideas from across a range of disciplines, including psychology, social neuroscience, behavioural sciences, personal development, coaching and mentoring, performing psychological magic, and the psychology of achievement and influence. This blend has been developed over three decades worth of experience in working with individuals & organisations.

George’s background starts in the early 90’s when he was faced with a challenge to connect with excluded and hard-to-place young people through-out the West Midlands. Coming from a similar background, he worked hard to connect at all levels with these individuals, their parents and carers, and the local governments that was funding his work.

Through sharing magic with people at all these levels, George developed Psychological Artistry to improve people's lives, working towards greater innovation and creativity and increased business and employment opportunities.

This took him from the disused and abandoned playgrounds of council estates around Birmingham through to the top levels of government in and around London.

Today, working with Alex, his son, he uses the same tools, techniques and ideas to engage a huge range of people from different backgrounds – from teachers and educators to trainers, coaches, hypnotherapists, master NLP practitioners, business founders and directors. Each of these has their own unique approach and takes their own thing away from magic and mentalism, but George is always at the centre as an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, kind and caring guide, mentor and coach.

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Mindsways' Mission

Mindsways' Mission is to share the wonder, joy, amazement, engagement and empowering properties that performing and understanding magic, mystery and mentalism brings. We have been working together for a decade to share these magical moments with people who may not be familiar with the tricks, tools and techniques that magicians have used for 150 years.

Magic clearly shows us how the impossible is possible - once we demonstrate this for people, their previous perspectives about limitations, low confidence and low self-esteem start to break apart and disappear.

It is this breaking of self-limiting barriers, as well as methods for engagement, the power of Cognitive Diversity and the ability to connect with their audiences, that magicians have used for centuries. Along with these, many key elements underline everything we do, including:

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Showing these ideas, concepts and principles to people in fascinating, engaging and memorable ways is the core behind the mission of Mindsways.

The History of Psychological Artistry

George developed the concept of Psychological Artistry over 30 years ago, using a blend of psychology, neuroscience behavioural insights and mentalism to entertain, improve people's lives, work towards greater inclusion and increase business and employment opportunities.

John Doe

In the early 1990's, George founded a social enterprise that was asked to work with young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds. They had no qualifications, no long-term employment prospects and very low numeracy and literacy skills.

Even though several highly respected psychologists, trainers and teachers had worked with George before he took on this challenge, he struggled to communicate and connect effectively with the disaffected children using traditional methods.

After a few months, he found that using some very simple magic tricks would grab their attention and break down the stubborn barriers they had habitually built up. Teaching the tricks also gave them the confidence and belief in themselves that they had never experienced before.

This breakthrough challenged George to keep innovating and using magic as the core of his transformational life-coaching. Soon enough, the social enterprise he had set up became a centre for excellence and seen as the high watermark for increasing self-esteem, confidence, learning skills, thinking habits, employability and much more.

In 2011, George decided to branch out of the social sector and create a business-to-business venture with his son, Alex. Together, they created Mindsways LTD with the goal in mind to bring the skills and mindsets that magicians have to a wider audience.

The vehicles they use for this now are delivering workshops and talks across the country, as well as several digital kits and consultancy sessions that range from one-to-ones to small groups and in multi-national organisations.

He also uses his three-decades’ worth of experience in teaching transformational magic to engage audiences across the UK as a professional magician as part of AGMagicians.

George's Expertise

George has spent the past 30 years developing, delivering and designing Psychological Artistry and our other Courses, Kits and Consultancy. His set of expertise include:


Using a combination of his acting, magic and his communication, George is a brilliant, unique and funny entertainer. He amuses, engages and entertains people with his hilarious versions of classic magic tricks and mystifying mentalism feats.


George is a very powerful presenter who promotes personal development every day. His skills as a public communicator and his dedication to improving other’s lives make him an incredibly adept presenter, trainer and speaker.


George has spent many years working one-on-one, with small groups and large companies to develop his coaching success. He is both passionate and caring for the people he works with, whilst also pushing them to strive to become the person they want to be.


George is a well-respected and qualified psychologist, with decades’ worth of experience and numerous qualifications in NLP etc., Social Policy and far more. He presents using all of these on our workshops, through our consultancy and digital kits.

George's Mission

“My mission is to apply what I have learned to help people in their life's challenges, their life journey and create the environments for greater cognitive diversity, learning, and growth in organisations. My aim is to apply my experiences to stimulating personal growth, increasing performance and providing practical responses to real problems.

“I believe that we all have a good deal of control over what skills we can develop and that the desire to change can spark amazing results. Experience is capable of changing brain structure significantly. Based on my knowledge gained and the experience of working with thousands of people, I have developed techniques and tools that give us a competitive edge. I use Psychological Artistry as a tool to communicate these ideas.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that if you can change what you think today, you can change who you will be tomorrow. I truly believe everyone is capable of, and deserves to, change and grow into the person they are truly meant to be. Whether that’s financial success, a place they are comfortable to call home, or as part of an inclusive and successful group of others.

“Psychological Artistry was made to better the lives of everyone, and I believe in doing that, I have accomplished my aim and mission.”

What do people say?

Watch the video below to see some of our many 5-Star Reviews!

Intriguing, interesting and enjoyable day which challenged my perceptions and thinking.

Mike T. March 2019

A very interesting,unusual and enjoyable day and I also learnt a some interesting magic tricks too. So yes, I can definetly reccomend a day with George and Alex.

Miriam M. March 2019

Loved every moment of it! George and Alex kept the group engaged, entertained and surprised throughout. Great people, wonderful ethics and fabulous entertainment. Thoroughly recommend

Melanie P. February 2019

Exceptional day, surpassed my expectations, thank you

Damon L. July 2018

Had a great day with George and Alex of Mindways. I now have some great ideas that I can incorporate into my workshops. I would highly recommend the Mindways events.

Helen D. May 2018

I had a huge amount of fun and learned a few things along the way too! I highly recommend that you join one of their sessions. 5****

Adele B. May 2017

Life is very serious and sometimes unnecessarily so. This is where Mindsways' approach can reach the parts that others can't reach through magic and humour. Thank you very much.

Alison R. July 2017

Fun, informative, engaging, different - a truly magical experience!

Lindsey H. February 2018

Their delivery was genuine and from a place of real authenticity. A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding day. Thanks again for all those 'no way' moments, fella

Simon C. Feburary 2018

My sincere thanks to both George and Alex for the day which was an invaluable experience and has given me a new range of tools to enhance my own training courses and presentations

Paul B. Feburary 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day - Their passion for their craft, their unpretentious delivery of their content and their humour make for a truly entertaining and enlightening day. Highly recommended!!

Karen K. November 2017

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Alex Rowley

Comedy Magician, Storyteller,
Half-Eric Morecambe, Half-Luke Skywalker

Alex is an engaging and joyful comedy magician, author and presenter. He has a funny, charismatic and endearing presence, bringing humour, joy and wonder to engagng, evocative and entertaining magic.

John Doe

Alex blends comedy, magic, psychology, cognitive diversity and mentalism together into Psychological Artistry to tell effective, engaging and empowering human stories.

He believes that using comedy, communication and deep human connection is the bridge to developing a more fair and better world for everyone. His aim is to share a feeling of childlike wonder, imaginative freedom, vulnerable authenticity, adventurous creativity and audacious hope with the people he works with – whether as a performer, writer or trainer.

Alex has faced his own challenges with anxiety, shyness, depression, bullying, grief and obesity.

Subsequently, he’s spent the last 10 years working to accept, embrace and share his mental health experiences, using them as a guide to help others through their own personal journeys.

Alex had a difficult time in traditional education. The techniques used by his Secondary School teachers left him bored, uninspired and disinterested – he would often end up reading his father’s books on psychology, quantum physics, religion, NLP and personal development instead of paying attention to what the school curriculum insisted he should be focusing on. He was constantly bored and out of place, only half-heartedly turning up for the classes and never bothering to complete homework.

But everybody (or so it seemed) told him to go to get good grades, go to college, go to university and get a good 9-to-5 office job. So, even though it meant being picked on and embarrassed on a daily basis, Alex stuck it out throughout high-school and college, getting just enough middling-GCSE and A-level results to make his way into university.

It was only after watching Derren Brown’s Enigma show live in London that Alex realised that that version of his life wasn’t the one he was made for. It was at this moment that Alex decided he no longer wanted to do what everybody else had been telling him and that he wanted to pursue a life well-lead.

This pursuit ended up in creating Mindsways LTD, where he would work with his father, George, to bring the same sense and feeling of wonder, awe, authenticity and hope into the lives of the people he wanted to work with.

Since that moment in 2011, he has developed and delivered multiple training courses to thousands of people across the country and, digitally, to many more over the globe. The work he has done with Mindsways and as a professional magician has been incredibly powerful for him, being able to realise his own potential and release his confidence.

John Doe

He was worked with people who have been similarly disaffected by the education system, to building and implementing a nationwide online-training platform for the NHS, to speaking in front of hundreds of artists about his mental health and coaching members of the Institute of Directors.

He also spends his time working closely with George as part of AGMagicians, performing his own individual brand of comedy magic that combines the silly humour of Morecambe and Wise, the bizarre comedy of Eddie Izzard with the liberating and fascinating mental magic of Derren Brown.

Alex's Journey

"One of the hardest times of my life was spending 9 months on government benefits, living off £10 a week. I had left university to work with my Dad, but his previous company had been made redundant after funding cuts. I spent this time desperately trying to survive off my own wit and skills whilst also developing business ideas.

“My three favourite things in the world are making people laugh, sharing with them a bit of magic and writing about these experiences. Humour is a vital part of who I am and what I do, and I’ve been performing on-and-off stage since the age of 11. Whether it’s writing features for Mindsways, creating new scripts and jokes for AGMagicians, or making up strange new worlds as a hobby, I adore writing.

“I love the power of combining magic, mystery, mentalism and storytelling. It gives everyone a chance to be a great big kid again. When something utterly impossible happens, it’s like they get yanked backwards to a time when anything was possible. It’s profoundly wonderful to see where this sense of abundant imagination takes you.

“I use all these skills, as well as recognising our past, questioning our present and building a better future, to help people be the best version of themselves. It is only through this process that we can create a fairer world that accepts difference and treats each other with respect, that gives people a greater sense of control and channels passion into positive change, and where everyone can share their stories freely.”

Alex's Mission

Alex’s mission in life is to help others understand and express their own story: who they are, what they’ve been through and where they’re going are all vital. But so is the process of change, growth and transformation that stories encapsulate.

He believes that it’s vital to understand our past and strive for a better future, and to learn how to deal with change in a positive and productive way. Storytelling, in all its forms, punctuates his entire life, whether it’s written, spoken, performed, watched, listened to or absorbed in any other way, and is the key to achieving his mission.

John Doe

The wonder that magic, mentalism and mystery can create are perfect examples of the power of storytelling. It is through these magnificent moments when the impossible happens that people’s true creativity, passion, imagination and authenticity are on show.

Alex believes that through harnessing this power, we can start to build a better world that accepts difference, that doesn’t limit people to traditional expectations, that treats everyone equally and fairly, that gives people a greater sense of control, and that empowers people’s expression of their true selves.

Alex's Expertise

Alex has dedicated his life to improving himself and others in a whole range of areas. His set of expertise include:


Alex has been performing on stage and off for nearly two-thirds of his life. He is a born performer with a funny, charismatic and endearing stage presence, bringing a classical touch of humour, a touch of wit and wordplay and a slightly daft sensibility to powerful, evocative and entertaining magic.


Alex's experience from the age of 11 as an actor and magician gives him a rare edge, and his ability to communicate complex ideas in succinct and memorable ways enhances his storytelling in everything from performance, to developing businesses, to creating bespoke magic and designing websites.


For the past 10 years, Alex has developed websites, logos and branding materials for many businesses. Alex has channeled this own brand of innovative thinking into every inch of Mindsways – the images we use, the models we train on, the features we create and the presentations we use.


Alex believes that thinking outside of the box and coming up with unique solutions will always lead to a fairer, better and happier culture. This drive for continuous learning and development of creativity and innovation means that he has helped thousands to better themselves over the last decade.

Who have we worked with?

We've had people from across the UK and Europe attend our workshops and creative services, and professionals from around the world purchase our kits. It doesn't matter what your background, training, education or experience in magic is, what we do is perfect for beginners and powerful for professionals!

A number of organisations we've worked with have come from:

What Do We Do?

Particularly in this worrying and stressful time for many of us, we need to keep our skills sharp and our minds active. Rather than solely leaning into our fears and anxieties, we need to balance ourselves by making sure this time is also used for activities that are productive, proactive and constructive. In the absence of doing face-to-face coaching and our workshops across the country, we are looking to find a viable alternative and contribute to your personal development during this difficult situation through offering heavily discounted online sessions and our Mindsways Digital Package. We use these services to share with you the tricks, tools and techniques magicians have used for the past 150 to engage, enlighten and enrich their audiences. We know because we have been performing these tricks, tips and techniques across the country for the best part of the last 10 years, So, take this chance to improve your professional and personal life with magic and mentalism now!

Online Services

Mindsways Digital Package

Our Most Popular Service!

This digital package brings together all of our previous kits and toolkits, totaling over 12 hours of video and audio, 34 tricks, techniques and methods, as well as three workbooks with a combined 350+ pages with hundreds of exercises across all three.

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Psychological Artistry Sessions

Psychological Artistry takes a direct approach to learning magic and delivers a series of jaw-dropping, mind-opening magic tricks that you can do with a bit of practice. Psychological Artistry is perfect if you are beginning your journey in learning magic, public speaking or coaching.

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Beyond Belief Sessions

Beyond Belief looks at the psychology behind how and why magic works. It is a more theory-driven approach, but you will still get to learn a lot of new and exciting magic. This is brilliant if you’re experienced as a business owner, trainer, entertainer or coach who wants to see the underpinning beliefs that make magic work.

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Digital Kits

Digital Kit Bundle

Our Most Popular Product!

Combining all of our kits together and saving 20%!

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Psychological Artistry Kit

A powerful digital kit packed full of magic, illusions and strong learning points that helps you getting your message acorss!

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The Mindsways Kit

Nearly 6 hours of live video revealing our magical secrets for effective, interesting and insightful training, pitches, conversations or presentations.

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Event Horizon Toolkit

A digital kit that looks at how you present your ideas in engaging, unique and memorable ways using our personal tools.

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