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the exciting one-day workshop teaching you mind magic - how to make yourself more engaging, help others with and using it to go beyond belief...

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Beyond Belief

This one-day workshop teaches you mind magic, helps you find your voice, add your persona into your delivery and create moments that take people beyond belief...

The day is perfect for beginners and powerful for professionals!

By learning mind magic, you will be able to show you can:

Predict the future

Read body language

Bend reality to your will

Influence decision making

Read people's minds

Create impossible objects

Memorise lists of objects instantly

Tap into unconscious potential

See Mindsways In Action!

Beyond Belief will give you very practical ways of engaging people - including very senior teams. See what kind of things you'll be able to do by watching the videos below!

Mindsways In Action

Game of Thoughts, August 2018(Click above to play video)

George and Alex, going beyond belief

Game of Thoughts, August 2018(Click above to play video)

What will you be able to do on the day?

By attending the day and learning the tricks and effects we teach you, you too will be able to get the same excitement and reactions as you can see in the video below:

Beyond Belief is suitable for anyone interested in Personal Development, Coaching, Training and Business!

Beyond Belief is a fun, engaging and entertaining day that teaches you practical magic, presentation skills and new ideas. Beyond Belief is best suited for you if you are interested in transferable skills and tools that improve:

John Doe

The mind magic you’ll learn on the day is laid out for you in simple, easy-to-understand and easy-to-do ways. It is perfect for beginners and powerful for professionals!

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What do you get on the day?

The one-day Beyond Belief workshop consists of a full magic show that you will learn how to perform.

We will unpick the structure, the thinking behind it, the construction of the show and give you insight into the Behind-The-Scenes of how to build, improve and deliver any of your presentations.

On top of this, we weave in ideas from across mentalism, psychology, stand-up comedy neuroscience, theatre, acting, character writing, storytelling, behavioural insights and communication.

By the end of the day, you will be able to perform each of these tricks with an hour or so practice and integrate into what you do:

The Impossible ObjectCreate an utterly impossible object using your own business card, right in the hands of your audience.

Manifest RealityWarp reality and create optical illusions in your hands using solid objects that penetrate one another.

The Magic SquarePerform an almost-impossible feat, showing your incredible cognitive, arithmetic and memory skills.

Any Word, Any TimePluck a thought-of-word directly out of one of your spectator’s minds, completely fairly and cleanly.

The Memory Master Memorise an entire deck in seconds, recall a character’s life details, tell people the sequence of seemingly shuffled cards and much more, without any hard work!

A Full Testament
A random page is chosen from any book, and you are able to tell them the page number, as well as the first word, sentence or entire paragraph if you wish.

Attention GrabbersThe entire day is peppered with small, quick and effective tricks that grab people’s attention, make you more memorable and stand out from the crowd.

We will also explore in-depth, practical exercises, such as:

Concept Clashing Instantly increase your creativity, innovation and novelty by using this incredibly flexible and universal tool that can be used at any time you need it!

Pitch DoctorsMake use of our combined 30-years’ worth of our experience in performing, presenting and working with others to develop your ideas.

Sticky ThinkingTake any kind of subject, or selection of subjects, and create an original, relevant and immersive pitch, presentation or show based around them in minutes.

Take this chance to start improving your professional and personal life by learning mind magic now!

Who Are We?

We are father-and-son magicians, trainers and creators, George and Alex Rowley. Together, we make up Mindsways. We have been using the materials in this kit to create and perform our own shows across the UK for the past 10 years.

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George works with a blend of psychology, behavioural sciences and mentalism to entertain, improve people's lives, working towards greater innovation and creativity and increased business opportunities.

He has been studying human psychology for over 30 years, with many awards and degrees under his belt. In the early 1990's, he was faced with working with vulnerable young adults - this is where he found the power of magic to entertain people and enrich peoples' lives.


Alex is an actor, designer and experienced magician who specialses in using a blend of psychology, behavioural insights and mentalism to tell effective, engaging and empowering stories.

Alex has spent over half of his life learning magic, performing on stage and across the UK. He focuses his attention on spreading awareness of mental health issues and sharing powerful storytelling techniques.

John Doe
John Doe

George, reading people's drawings

Project MindFoolness, June 2018

The Psychological Aspects

Magic and creating magical effects involve mainly psychology to make them work.

People often ask, “isn’t magic deceitful?” The easy answer is ‘yes, but…’ The complicated answer is ‘yes but no’.

Magic works because of our deeply engrained psychological flaws. When we perform a magic effect, we are using human psychology, behavioral sciences and neuroscience to show how our way of viewing the world is almost entirely false, informed through our BIASED SPACES – more on this below.

The psychology and the approaches taken in magic have massive overlaps with how we think in business and in our lives. To be successful in delivering a magic effect, you must have discipline, devotion, willpower and authenticity; these are all attributes for being successful in many areas of our lives.

A large part of what we will discuss in the workshop is the principle of Defend and Discover states.
The Discover – Defend Axis also fits very nicely with the whole VUCA approach:

John Doe
John Doe

George and Alex, with a fully engaged audience

Game of Thoughts, August 2018

Discover and Defend

Understanding your hidden depths, or unconscious biases, allows you to stretch your psychological boundaries, cross your cognitive boundaries and move into a discovery state.

The defend state is where we are not just comfortable, but also protective and defensive of our way of viewing the world, rather than looking for different possibilities.

John Doe

In the defend state, what we call the processes of BIASED SPACES are in full operation. In going Beyond Belief, these are the psychological processes that allow the magic to happen and they inform thinking about:

Your Self-Control

Your Habits

Your Motivation

Your Beliefs

Your Expectations

Your Trust

Your Decision Making

Your Perceptions

The discover state is when we push our comfort zone, ignore our conformational biases and even sacrifice the safety net of being conventional.

You can access this by seeking out novelty, by searching for authors, writers and reviews you may initially disagree with, and finding something that pushes at your boundaries.

This is a state many experience on our training days and through our coaching, because the magician’s ways of thinking, and the sleight of mind used, is outside of the usual experiences. The discover state is the seedbed of creativity, novelty and innovation.

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Practical, Personal and Engaging

The ideas, methods and techniques presented to you on Beyond Belief provide a rich source of novel ideas and possibilities for you.

The material challenges you and gets people to re-examine the way they think, act and behave. By doing this, we help people become aware of and sensitive to new possibilities. This way, it is a practical, personal and engaging method for enhancing your personal development, business, coaching and training!

John Doe

Alex, breaking the power of belief

Psychological Artistry, June 2018

What do people say?

Watch the video below to see some of our many 5-Star Reviews!

Exceptional day, surpassed my expectations, thank you

Damon L. July 2018

Had a great day with George and Alex of Mindways. I now have some great ideas that I can incorporate into my workshops. I would highly recommend the Mindways events.

Helen D. May 2018

I had a huge amount of fun and learned a few things along the way too! I highly recommend that you join one of their sessions. 5****

Adele B. May 2017

Life is very serious and sometimes unnecessarily so. This is where Mindsways' approach can reach the parts that others can't reach through magic and humour. Thank you very much.

Alison R. July 2017

Fun, informative, engaging, different - a truly magical experience!

Lindsey H. February 2018

Their delivery was genuine and from a place of real authenticity. A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding day. Thanks again for all those 'no way' moments, fella

Simon C. Feburary 2018

My sincere thanks to both George and Alex for the day which was an invaluable experience and has given me a new range of tools to enhance my own training courses and presentations

Paul B. Feburary 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day - Their passion for their craft, their unpretentious delivery of their content and their humour make for a truly entertaining and enlightening day. Highly recommended!!

Karen K. November 2017

Want to see all our 5 star reviews? Go here!

John Doe

George, grabbing and holding attention

Networking Events, 2018

Why Attend The Day?

Learning the effects on Beyond Belief is a great way to start exploring belief systems, developing your understanding of psychology and engaging people with unique and innovative presentation techniques.

The magic you will see and learn challenges beliefs, creates new opportunities for innovation and delivers entertaining, memorable and powerful moments in coaching, training, business, and personal development.

Learning mind magic gives you a quick, effective and fun way to make an impact, whatever you’re doing. Beyond Belief gives you tools and access to new and novel approaches, with lots of practical material and entertaining tricks.

As an added bonus, you will also receive a 1-hour Coaching Session (delivered through Skype or over the phone etc.) with George and Alex as part of the workshop.

Who have we worked with?

We've had people from across the UK and Europe attend our workshops. It doesn't matter what your background, training, education or experience in magic is, it is perfect for beginners and powerful for professionals!

A number of organisations we've worked with and people who have attended the workshops have come from:

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Take this chance to improve your professional and personal life with magic now!

Beyond Belief

  • Birmingham
  • 3Threes, 17-19 Martineau Way,
    Birmingham B2 4UW
  • 02/04/2019
  • 05/11/2019
  • London
  • George Inn, 77 Borough High St
    London SE1 1NH
  • 11/04/2019
  • 14/11/2019
  • What You Get
  • A Full Mind-Reading Show
  • Brand New Effects & Attention Grabbers
  • Behind-The-Scenes Insight
  • Digital Pack (Inc. Presentation)
  • Templates and Materials
  • Great Introduction To Magic & Mentalism
  • 1-Hour Coaching Follow-Up


We will be in touch after you have booked to confirm your place and date of your choosen course.

All days begin at 10.00 a.m. and aim to finish as close to 4.30 p.m. as possible. You will recieve your physical materials at the end of the day and a follow-up digital pack within 72 hours of the event.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please get in touch with us at