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    Over the years of delivering courses and sessions across the UK we've been asked a number of questions that we feel are important


Over the years of delivering courses and sessions across the UK and amongst many companies and organisations, we've been asked a number of questions that we feel are important for you to know before you book on the Mindsways Sessions.

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Do you teach me the tricks?
Yes, although we prefer to call them effects. On the day, we talk about the difference between "tricks", "effects" and "pieces", and talk about how you can make tricks into effects and ultimately, use them as pieces of your delivery. You will be taught the effects and the how to use them on the workshops, as well as be given the SNT kit and SMS pack. You will come away from the workshop with ways to:
  • Float a note
  • Influence, control and predict people's choices
  • Make people see what's not there
  • Warp paper and hand-writing in people's hands
  • Predict any card, object or selection
  • Read anyone's mind, anywhere, anytime you want
  • Makes you and your staff happier.
What's in the kit? Do I have to pay extra for it?
The SNT (show, not tell) kit is a tool and resource all on its own. It comes as part of the day's training but is also available seperately. Please go to www.mindsways.com/SNT/ for more information.
Where are The Sessions? Can I find one near me?
The Mindsways Sessions is currently being held in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. We are looking to expand into more areas across 2018. If you wish to have a bespoke course for you, please see http://www.mindsways.com/projects.html
What are the times and dates of The Sessions?
The Sessions start at 10 a.m. and aim to finish for 4 p.m., although we are happy to stay around afterwards and talk to you. The dates for the Sessions can be found below.
How much is it? Are there discounts available?
An individual admittance ticket was £247.99, but has been discounted for this year and is currently £197.99. For a two person admittance ticket, which was previously £297.99, but has been discounted for this year to £247.99. There are discounts available for multiple bookings. Please contact me at contact@mindsways.com if you want a group attendance.
We allow a certain amout of people to attend for less than the admittance price in bespoke circumstances (such as charities or non-profits). To enquire about this, please send an email to contact@mindsways.com
Do I need previous experience?
No, not at all. The open workshops take every one through the process step by step. The approach we take is closer to mind magic and mentalism (Derren Brown etc.) rather than conjuring (Paul Daniels etc.) Previous participants have found the effects practical for what they do. For more on this, please go to mindsways.com/about/what-people-say
Is the course accredited?
No. This is because it's based on non-traditional approaches, uncommon knowledge from magic and is delivered flexibly, based on the people who are attending. It's this flexible and non-traditional approach that creates its strength.
Is there a dress code?
No, we take an informal approach where everyone is comfortable and have fun.
Is lunch provided?
Yes, we have a large selection of lunch options. Please see Blackpool Imperial Hotel website for options. Please let me know too if you have dietary requierments. We are also located near shops and within 20 minutes walk of the town centre. We put aside at least an hour for lunch on the day and provide tea and coffee.
Do I need to bring a notebook?
You do not need to bring a notebook, but we recommend it. We do not allow people to take notes on laptops, phones or tablets. We do provide:
  • The SNT kit
  • The SMS pack
  • A 2-hour video with instructions for the kits
  • Presentation slides
  • Notes on the effects you will learn
  • Files for extra printed materials
  • Follow up opportunities
  • Systems for continual development
  • Post-workshop support, including email and phone access
Are there webcasts or videos of the workshop available?
Yes, this is currently in development as part of a larger product range for Mindsways. More information is coming soon.
Can I book for more than one person at a time?
Yes, we offer two indivual tickets for nearly 50% off their original price. You can book these tickets by using the section below.
We also offer in-house training, private sessions and group discounts. To see about private sessions, please go to http://www.mindsways.com/projects.html and to discuss group bookings, please contact us at contact@mindsways.com
Do you do this in-house?
Yes, we offer bespoke training to companies and organisations that are dedicated to training and developing their staff at any level. For more information on this, please get in touch using contact@mindsways.com
How do I book on the workshop?
You can book on the Sessions by using the options at the bottom of this page. You can use Paypal, which gives you the option to use their paying systems if you are already registered, or use a credit or debit card to pay. Or you can request an Invoice which we shall process within 7 days of receiving.
What makes this so different?
The mix of over a hundred years of mind magic tradition, psychology, neuroscience, design and smart thinking makes the materials and approach available extremely rare. Mind magic still maintains its pull factor and has always intrigued and fascinated. It attracts large theatres of people and huge tv audiences. We bring both personal and practical experience in all of these areas.
Do you offer refunds?
Yes, we offer full refunds up to the day before attendance. If you cancel on the day or wish to rearrange, we will deal with this on a case-by-case basis. If you are unhappy with the Sessions, we offer a full 100% return. Please get in touch at contact@mindsways.com and we will discuss your feedback.
I'm a magician, will I benefit from the Sessions?
Yes, we've had a number of magicians attend since we started in 2011 and they have learnt many extra techniques around psychology, communication and branding, as well as a few more tricks that they might not have known before. If you have either had a background in magic or are a practicing magician, please let us know beforehand so we can tailor some aspects of the course for you.
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