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Survival of the Fit-In-Ness?

03 Apr, 2017

Is It Survival of the Fit-In-Ness?

Let me ask you three questions;

  • How are you different?
  • Do you show your difference?
  • Does being different become a barrier to be being accepted?

These questions highlight a tension we all face. Do we fit in or standout? One of the scarcest resources for us in today’s market place is attention, we are all vying for it. Getting and maintaining attention is of huge benefit to all of us, no matter what we do. We all want to be heard and get our message across to the people we respect.

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“Attention is precious – If you have something to say, say it with effect” - Seth Godin

So, to grab and hold attention we must stand and show our differences. However, we must also negotiate the danger that being too different brings. Being too different may mean that we are rejected and not accepted. Being rejected is one our most primal of fears.

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Being Different

Doing Psychological Artistry, I constantly face this dilemma. Myself and Alex have just attended the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Awards and Dinner, a black-tie event, so the challenge we faced was ‘how do you bridge this gap of fitting in (with the dress code) but still showing your difference’. We did this by using our own techniques, so we did grab attention and stood out, whilst still fitting in.

Marty Neumeier maintains that we have to :

“Be different. No, really different”

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One way that I advocate, train and coach on is that we can do this by creating and leaving an impact. I know that whatever we do will make an impact, but the question is - Is it the impact you desire? Creating this desired impact depends on aligning both your:

  • Personal Brand
  • Internal Personal Brand

Understanding our environment, the perceptual clues and the perspectives we get from it is a very important skill. The question becomes - do you succumb to your environment or do you control it? Controlling it requires us to go through the stages of:

  • Understanding it, gaining insights
  • Applying Techniques
  • Developing skills.

These are then reflected in our mental state which comes across in your:

  • Body language
  • Words
  • Behaviours

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Power of Skills

Developing all of this is a skill, but to get to that skills, you must start with awareness, build knowledge, use frameworks, tools and techniques and end with the required skill set. Having these skills means that you can not only accept your difference, but harness it too, so that you can express yourself honestly, authentically and with authority.

Being different is a force that gives you authority and influence, whilst giving you a route to express yourself with wit and passion. This grabs attention.

We have many tools and techniques that contribute to your personal achievements and abilities. Our ArtForming and Psychological Artistry Approaches lead to displaying the Art of Pre – Planned Spontaneity and being able to Flex.

“What comes from the Heart goes to the Heart” - Samuel Taylor Coleridge.



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About Author: George Rowley

George works with psychological artistry, a blend of psychology, behavioral sciences and mind magic to entertain, improve people’s lives, work towards greater inclusion and increase business opportunities. He does this through training, coaching delivering workshops and presentations. He has been working with individuals, small practices and organisations including extensive projects within the NHS.

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