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12 Things You Get From Finding Your Black Swans

08 May, 2017
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Imagine if everything in your life was entirely predictable. Suppose you could know the exact date and time when your most cherished goals would be fulfilled, would you choose to know them?

It seems like a lot of people would say no. They wouldn’t want to find out, in excruciating detail, exactly when, where and how their success were made. It would take away from the fun, adventurous and spontaneous moments in life. Together, these moments make up the Unknown Unknowns; the Black Swans which provide a buzz of excitement and curiosity.

By the nature of them, we cannot know what our unknowns are. Yet, we must continue to search for and uncover them. These are 12 Things You Get from Finding Your Black Swans:

1. Your Opportunities Open Up

Spotting the impossible gives you chances to see the world in a different light. Being able to notice your Black Swans means that you begin to question long-held beliefs. Once you start to do that, opportunities rise up around you. You develop more self-belief, more trust in yourself and others, and have the capability to achieve much more.

2. You Trigger Inspiration

Talking about those long-held beliefs and assumptions, about how you noticed and overcame your negative traps, gives you the chance to become a role-model for others. You can start to trigger inspiration by accepting your assumptions may have been wrong and by acting as an example for others.

3. Gets You Thinking

Once you see that something you’ve long thought was impossible might just not be the case, you can very quickly start asking questions about what else you may have been wrong about. What if you’re not as shy as you thought you were? What if you parent’s vision for you wasn’t your only choice? What if you could easily get a date if you just talked a bit more?

4. Dismantles Your Assumptions

What we assume to be correct, and what is actually correct, often doesn’t line up. We’ve learnt from years of experience in the big, grown-up world, that some things are done a certain way because that’s the way it’s always been. However, now you’ve found there are new ways of doing things, ways that are far more efficient, effective and fun. The Black Swan can swap, break and build up your old assumptions for something completely new.

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5. Sparks Your Excitement and Creativity

One thing we’ve learnt from delivering sessions across all these years is that nothing beats the feeling of excitement and fun. Opening up new possibilities is an exhilarating activity, being able to prove to others that they can do the impossible is extremely rewarding. Combined, being able to see these Black Swans builds into something that can boost conversations, lead to new solutions and create an atmosphere of trust, passion and purpose.

6. You Begin to Harness Surprise and Novelty

The power of the Black Swan is how unexpected they are. People have many rules about what they are willing to accept, but once you show them something completely different and original, they will find themselves in a state of wonder and neoteny. This is the state of mind which we look to produce on the Psychological Artistry day.

7. Changes Your Old Habits into New Thinking Styles

Old habits come about by reinforced behaviour. Even if you know it’s bad for you, you’ll continue to binge eat on sugary goods because you’ve learnt over the years that you’ll feel better for it. The Black Swan, something that you expect the least, can break these old habits in an instant and lead to a whole new way of thinking.

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8. Reframes Your Old Problems

Once you begin to see new answers to old questions, you’ll start to see a shift in your thinking. If you no long assume anything is impossible, just what exactly are your limits? New thinking styles, one which revolve around positivity, creativity, and adventure, lead to entirely new approaches and wonderful possibilities.

9. Gives You New Experiences

The fundamental part of a Black Swan is its uniqueness. By being on the lookout for what’s different and what’s unexpected, you’ll begin to see what new experiences are possible for you. You won’t be shackled down by your own expectations any more, you can say yes to more events and ideas and follow those down the rabbit hole, leading to brand new and exciting situations.

10. Creates Ways For You to Grab Attention

By learning to embrace the uncertainties of life and channelling them into a creative and artistic medium, you can learn to harness what you love doing to grab people’s attention. Whether it’s music, drawing, writing, acting, singing, or magic in our case, you can use your awareness and appreciation of Black Swans to capture people’s attention and get your message across in more memorable ways.

11. Opens Your New Awareness

Once you start spotting Black Swans, your own and others, you begin to see them in a lot of places. You can learn to let go of trying to predict every possible outcome and relax into a powerful flexibility. This opens your awareness to brand new possibilities, new ways of thinking and new ways to feel more confident in yourself.

12. Helps You Uncover Other People’s

The last, and largest, benefit of spotting Black Swans is one I’ve talked about on this list all ready a few times; being able to help others with theirs. All of these new opportunities and changes that you can implement in your life can very easily be transferred over to other people’s. This doesn’t have to come in lightning bolts of wisdom and wonder, but can happen naturally as you awaken yourself to the power of spotting the unexpected and doing the undoable.

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The Day I Found My Black Swan - Alex's Story

February 2011, Blackpool, UK

I was sat, slumped up against a thin and creaking headboard, stuffed into a room so small that it struggled to contain both me and George when we stood up, but with my head spinning with possibilities. Every time you walked across the room, the TV signal would disappear for a few seconds, leaving a ghostly after image of whatever had been on. It was the smallest, foulest and greasiest B&B you could imagine, but it was cheap.

It had to be cheap because 6 months before, George had lost his entire business and had been forced to let all the team members go, myself included. It was the one respite we gave ourselves after months of trying to stay afloat; being able to attend the Blackpool Magician’s Conference. We could just about keep the roof above our heads, but we managed to get there, and the one consolidation prize was the free bag of adverts and magazines they handed out with the conference passes.

In that magazine, the only reading material we had, was an advert; MAGIC LIVE! Las Vegas, August 4th – 9th. It fascinated me, as there was nothing but a blank black page with those words in bold, white font. What could it possibly be like going to the other side of the world, being in the spiritual home of all magicians, surrounded by some of the most famous and well known performers in the world? It was a far-off contrast to where we were.

August 2016, Las Vegas, USA

Everything I knew was either heat or sweat. My eyes stung from the intense brightness of the desert and pollution from the city, my feet ached from hours of walking up and down the Strip, and the only break was when we dipped in and out of the casinos.

Fast forward 5 and a half years from the time I found solace in nothing but a magazine’s advert, and we were there. And, let me tell you, there is no place on Earth like Las Vegas.

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The intensity of the outside world, where the temperature once soared to a scorching 42 degrees, butted heads with the huge, palatial insides of the casinos, where everything was loud, colourful and ready to make you a multi-millionaire. There were casinos that felt like Ancient Rome (they did more than just recreate the look, they managed to capture its splendour), Venice (along with miles of in-door canals and stretches of beautiful sky-ceilings) and New York (the roar of the rollercoaster sweeping through the building was amazing).

Everything was bigger and better than real life, and there are no words to try and tell you just how bloody huge everything was. There is no such thing as subtlety or nuance when it comes to Vegas. And then, as if to prove my point, we ducked inside the Flamingo, one of the oldest casinos on the Strip, and saw something that for most of human history, was thought to be impossible: a real life Black Swan.

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May 2017, Birmingham, UK

I think it speaks volumes that we had to go to the other side of the world to see a Black Swan. Thinking back to those two very different times in my life, I think it proves how powerful the impossible can be.

Everything changed after that. I felt more comfortable being able to live and breathe in my own skin. I felt more like I had a responsibility to help others do what they wanted to do. I felt like creating and taking responsibility for Mindsways was a huge part of my life. Being able to go out there and teach people, whether it’s magic or positivity or just having a stronger belief in themselves, was really my calling.

Going from being depressed and anxious, desperate just to see the tiny amount of Jobseekers Allowance come into the bank whilst stuck in a small room in Blackpool, to seeing a real life Black Swan in the middle of the desert, surrounded by the flashing lights and wonders of Las Vegas. There’s a very real difference there, and I can’t help but think now that seeing the Black Swan was more than just a coincidence.

The Human Paradox

The presence of Black Swans means that we face an uncomfortable truth; we strive for stability, but we must maintain uncertainty. We long to be safe and secure, but there are sparks of adventure which drive us to discover.

Understanding this underlying Human Paradox, and how our conceptions, expectations and perceptions influence us, is a vital part of what we do. Inviting people to search and seek out their Unknown Unknowns and Black Swans makes you more memorable, more influential, and more trustworthy. We thrive when we share these great ideas with others, when we push others to remember and act on them.

Most people’s goals or intentions are covered in the following 7 areas:

  • Careers
  • Finance
  • Health (Mental and Physical)
  • Leisure
  • Organising
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality

How Can You Use This?

Imagine what would happen to each one on your list as you apply the Black swan principles. What effects would you get? Expand on the following table.

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Remember the real effects will come from:

  • Think it
  • Ink it
  • Link it

Our Mission

On the Psychological Artistry day we deal with some of these ideas; how important Black Swans and the unexpected can be and the personal, strategic, and financial gains behind an attitude of courage and action. My ideas have an academic rigour and have been designed and developed for the real world, using my experience and decades of application.

The Psychological Artistry day offers a unique set of tools which help you create personally tailored magic tricks, mindsets, and models for yourself and in your business. You’ll learn how to deliver personalized mysteries around what you do which sparks interest, grabs attention, and gives you a greater sense of yourself, all leading to greater personal, strategic and financial gain.

To understand and learn more about this, please go to Psychological Artistry



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P.S. "All our dreams can come true if we just have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney

P.P.S. We have had a couple of cancellations for the 3rd May Psychological Artistry day. If you’re interested, please contact us about these and we can book you on. Thanks.

About Author: George Rowley

George works with psychological artistry, a blend of psychology, behavioral sciences and mind magic to entertain, improve people’s lives, work towards greater inclusion and increase business opportunities. He does this through training, coaching delivering workshops and presentations. He has been working with individuals, small practices and organisations including extensive projects within the NHS.

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