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Revealing Yourself

15 May, 2017
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How much of yourself do you reveal?

The Magician’s Mindset is focused on getting the most out of a revealing moment. It’s not just about how you reveal your magic trick, it’s about how much of yourself you reveal on the journey along the way.

In business, it’s vital that you sell your idea. It doesn’t matter if it’s a physical product, an established service or a strong concept, the core of your business is your idea. The unifying element of all business and the one we focus on the most is producing compelling stories.

If You Can’t Tell It, You Can’t Sell It

At the heart of all compelling stories is a hero. They are the person we relate to most, emotionally invest in and with whom feel the strongest human connection. The key to making your story the most compelling is to make yourself the hero, and to do this, you must Reveal Yourself.

Everyone looking to communicate shares a universal problem; the obstacle that you as a hero must overcome. To become successful, you must persuade others to support your cause. That cause can be a goal, a service, a brand, something personal, financial, creative, social and much more. Whether you’re motivating, persuading or inspiring people, your job is to deliver a clarion call that will get your audience’s attention, provide an emotional goal that aligns to theirs, and move them to take engaging action.

As a hero, you must reach their hearts, as well as their heads. This is exactly what revealing yourself will do.

Revealing Ourselves

As above, we’re now looking for help to support our ideas. As you may have seen, we’ve been championing the power of human connection, the potential that you can gain from unlocking your perceptions and how you can use Psychological Artistry, Neuroscience, Behavioural Insights and Neuromarketing for a while now. I’d like to offer you’re a few opportunities to get involved.

We’ve developed a couple of informative and entertaining talks that we’re now looking to deliver in-house or to groups, and it would be great if we could get your help in getting these out there. All of these can be scoped out to fit 20 minutes to 2 hours and can be delivered between 6 people up to 100+. These give you a fresh, provocative, stimulating, exciting, revealing, neuro-inspired way of thinking.

Please take a look at them below:

Theatre of Marketing

We do not buy with our minds, we buy with our feelings. This means that we focus on the Four F's; Feelings First, Facts Follow. We do not ignore data nor the facts, but we lead with how we are emotionally drive creatures.

The Theatre of Marketing bridges neuroscience, behavioural insights, the magician’s mindset and the creative arts in rare ways to offer actionable results and insights.

We believe that there are two types of marketing; Effective Marketing and Ineffective Marketing. Effective Marketing leads to Engaging Action, Ineffective Marketing leads to Evasive Action. To get your message across and be successful at Effective Marketing, you must engage with your audience’s feelings in playful and sophisticated ways to persuade them to buy based on their emotions.

We act and behave irrationally and emotionally, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t patterns, principles and rules behind how we act and make decisions. Once you understand and begin to see these patterns, you can learn to influence and enhance them for the better.

Add into this the passion and drive that artforming (how you can include your hobbies and interest to enliven your communication, in our case, it’s performing magic tricks) gives you, you soon gain a psychological edge that helps you stand out from the competition, getting a better reputation and start doing what makes you successful.

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Mindsways Theatre of Marketing Talk can be tailored to fit a group of 6 to 100+ people, is accompanied by models, mindsets and magic tricks customized to Neuromarketing principles and can last from 20 minutes up to 2 hours. For more information, please go to

Theatre of Perception

Why does understanding perception matter to you?

It matters because your perceptions underpin all we think, know and believe. They are the underlying elements which guide our decision making, confidence and behaviours. Our perceptions affect all aspects of our life; work, social and romantic.

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Understanding new and different perceptions is fun and engaging and gives you deeply profound and personal insights. It allows you to reframe the story you tell yourself and reveal yourself as your own hero.

Getting to know more about perceptions will lead to future creativity and innovation in your thoughts and behaviour. You will understand how we can go beyond our current ways of seeing and become a poet of the human interior. This has definite benefits in life, love and learning.

Neuroscience and Behavioural Insights specifically aim to understand how the brain turns information into meaning. The Theatre of Perception talk looks to do this and allows you to make sense of your senses.

Mindsways Theatre of Perceptions Talk can be tailored to fit a group of 6 to 100+ people, is accompanied by models, mindsets and magic tricks customized to your principles and can take place over 20 minutes up to 2 hours. For more information, please go to

The Black Swan Talk

The primary focus of the Black Swan talk is that we all have Black Swans. These are ideas which we think are impossible, but are in fact more than possible once you see they can be done. This can be applied to ourselves, groups that we are in, or other people.

Uncovering that we have Black Swans can offer us improved ways of approaching our most complex problems. You will be able to explore new perceptions and see anew what you thought you had already seen.

Recognising our own Black Swans and the limits of our own understanding will improve us through being:

More humble – By recognising your own Black Swans, your perspective shifts and you begin to see your own flaws. Far from being as negative as this might sound, it is in fact the best and fastest way to learn, develop and evolve. It’s only from a humble standing that you can begin to improve yourself and in turn, begin to improve others.

Open to others’ perceptions – Seeing the world through other’s eyes is a huge keystone for selling. Being able to observe other people’s unknown unknowns means you can assess their needs and answer their questions far quicker than before. It leads to stronger communication, which adds to your reputation and makes you a better business person.

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A better decision maker – Being aware that we are irrational creatures, knowing and accepting that we have underlying emotional influences, and that there are Black Swans hiding in plain sights, give you the tools to help navigate tough decisions and get a more informed view of human behaviour. You’ll have a stronger, more reliable source of information to go from.

The unique nature of Black Swans brings ideas and actions previously out of reach within grasp. Our aim is to challenge these Unknown Unknowns and give you the tools to see the previously Unseen and do the previously Undoable.

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You will be able to experience your brain’s imaginative powers of possibility and how richly they interact with behaviour, allowing you to know what creativity feels and looks like from the inside.

A playful but profound approach gives you a safe and stimulating environment to question assumptions, build new thinking styles and create a more memorable and emotionally resonating story, with you at its centre. Identifying, uncovering and re-evaluating your Black Swans is how you reveal yourself more to others and gives you a psychological edge in your business, personal and creative life.

Mindsways Black Swan Talk can be tailored to fit a group of 6 to 100+ people, is accompanied by models, mindsets and magic tricks customized to uncovering specific Black Swans which are holding people back. It can take place over 20 minutes up to 2 hours. For more information, please go to

Your Opportunity

All of our talks use the science of your brain to improve your mindsets. They are all delivered with humour, clarity and delight and engaging with daring ideas. Our aim s to make complex neuroscience insights and behavioural science concepts easy to understand and explain their relevance to your life.

Each talk is demonstrated and illustrated using illusions, magic and mindsets, suitable for 6 people up to 100+ attendees and can be tailored to fit from 20 minutes up to 2 hours.

We’d love to be working with you on these. How do you think we could make this possible? We’re open to all ideas! If you want to discuss these or any other sessions, talks or projects available on, please reply to this email, call and leave on message on 07970 480 615 or we can set up a discussion over Skype. Thank you so much for your time and attention, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks in advance,


07970 480 615

P.S. Your Early Bird discount is going to end on 31st May. Make sure you don’t miss out and go to to use it now!

About Author: George Rowley

George works with psychological artistry, a blend of psychology, behavioral sciences and mind magic to entertain, improve people’s lives, work towards greater inclusion and increase business opportunities. He does this through training, coaching delivering workshops and presentations. He has been working with individuals, small practices and organisations including extensive projects within the NHS.

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