Game of Thoughts

An evening of Cake, Fun and Mental Magic

We present a Game of Thoughts – The interactive, mind-blowing, comedy mind-reading show that leaves an impression.

The Game of Thoughts show is an evening that bursts of joy and amazement, where magic meets mind games. It is an hour of amusement, amazement and mischief that expands your expectations, surprises your senses and dazzles with delight and deception.

Excite your imagination and let us play with your beliefs. Come and see for yourself what many have only seen on TV. This has been around for over 150 years and has proven popular across the entire world. Just watch shows like Britain’s Got Talent, Derren Brown, Penn and Teller’s Fool Us etc. Now you are invited to be right up close and intimate with us. Witness the impossible in front of your own eyes.

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57 High St, Halesowen B63 3BG

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You Be The Judge!

Can it really be real?

Have you ever wanted to read someone's inner-most thoughts? Control the future? Change someone's decisions? Do you think that's even possible? We know it is, but do you?

In the Game of Thoughts, we ask:

  • Can we glimpse your thoughts?
  • Can we influence your choices?
  • Can we predict your future?

You decide! Is it psychology, is it trickery or might it just be real? You be the judge!

With an air of mischief, fun and truly mind-bending mental mysteries, the Game of Thoughts show will have you asking if what you see is really real! We'll play around with the ideas of psychic powers, making you question what's reality, and what's just a game...

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What Is It Like?

Our aim for all of our Game of Thoughts shows is to give you something fun, original and memorable.
Watch the videos and see the photos for yourself! Click on any of the images below where you can see what kind of things we do!

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On the Game of Thoughts – Comedy Mind-Reading Show, you will experience your minds being read, your future being predicted and you head being twisted through psychological illusions… all whilst having fun, getting involved, eating cake and having a laugh!

Many people see magic and mentalism as very entertaining and puzzling. It's these ideas that make our mixture of mind-reading and comedy so unique and powerful. If you're looking for an evening of great entertainment by a pair of experienced magicians and entertainers who will help you make sure your evening into an unforgettable experience, you are absolutely in the right place!

The Game of thoughts show is funny, lively, intimate, has cake and is utterly baffling. The mysterious will happen right in front of you - you will experience the magic right under your noses and witness the impossible. The Game of Thoughts will get you involved and be part of the show in exciting and unique ways by demonstrating the impossible, having lots of fun and bringing the WOW factor to your evening!

Please note: There is limited seating available. Book now to avoid disappointment!

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Join us on the Game of Thoughts Comedy Mind-Reading Show!

15th August

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


per person

Please note: The show contains themes of a mature nature. We HIGHLY recommend an age of 15 and upwards.

Mindsways are also pleased to offer this unique experience of Game of Thoughts for private groups, corporate off-sites, staff-member rewards, client entertanment, and many special occasions including anniversaries, birthdays, and family gatherings. We think that to get the most out Game of Thoughts you need to be 12 years of age and up. We also think that there is no upper age limit.