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    The Mindsways Theatre of Marketing day is a fun, exciting and unique approach giving you the latest insights from Neuromarketing


We believe that there are two types of marketing; Effective Marketing and Ineffective Marketing. Effective Marketing leads to Engaging Action, Ineffective Marketing leads to Evasive Action. To get your message across and be successful at Effective Marketing, you must engage with your audience's feelings in playful and sophisticated ways to persuade them to buy based on their emotions.

This is our aim for the Theatre of Marketing and across all of our projects and sessions, to create Engaging Action through our two objectives;

| 1. To Reduce Uncertainty and Potential of Stress | 2. To Create Desire for Engaging Action |

What Does The Talk Look Like?

Our aim for the Theatre of Marketing Talk is to give you something fun, original, easy to learn and memorable. Click on any of the images below where you can see a selection of what the talk can encompass!

Boost Your Reputation

Learning about your internal and external brand, communication and marketing models and improving how you connect with your customers will lead to a huge leap in your reputation through Psychological Artistry.

Learn Perception and Persuasion

We can't believe what we see, but we see what we believe. The ability to add Mentalism and Magic through Psychological Artistry into what you do allows you to demonstrate the power of mindsets, attitude and belief systems.

A Fresh and Original Talk

We've been told countless times that we deliver incredibly solid psychological principles that people agree with but in unique, fresh and original ways. We're very proud of our ability to add difference into the training landscape.

Engaging and Enlightening

Whether it's understanding the power of ArtForming or developing your sales pitches, we provide an entertaining look into human psychology that's aimed to deliver powerful 'Ah-ha' moments and create new oppourtunities in your professional and personal life.


Neuromarketing is about learning insights from psychology and neuroscience and applying them to understand how our brains create different reactions to marketing, sales, and proposition values.

Neuromarketing provides a series of principles that help you in achieving a more productive, engaging and profitable approach to business and communication. At its heart, neuromarketing is about combining Neuroscience and Marketing to help you.

Helping Learning and Development Professionals stand out by being different and adding people back into business

Contributing to your Core Business Attributes, such as sales, productivity, team building, branding and reputation

Working towards your Personal Achievement by building your thinking skills, decision making, confidence, self esteem and legacy.

What does the Talk give you?
Feelings First, Facts Follow

We do not buy with our minds, we buy with our feelings. This means that we focus on the Four F's; Feelings First, Facts Follow. We do not ignore data nor the facts, but we lead with how we are emotionally driven creatures.

It is this emphasis on a less rational ad more emotionally-driven focus that secures your success when marketing. By creating processes that back up our feelings first, then reinforcing them with the facts which follow, you have a set up where you tickle both sides of our mind.

Let me repeat: we do not ignore the data nor the facts, but we lead with an emotion-based mindset.Placing too much emphasis on one side and ignoring the other leads to unbalanced and ineffective behaviour. It's striking the fine line between the two that will allow you to tap into you audiences feelings and then supply the facts.

The Theatre of Marketing bridges neuroscience, behavioural insights, psychology, the magician's mindset and the creative arts in rare ways to offer actionable results and insights.

Invisible Forces

We act and behave irrationally and emotionally, but that doesn't mean there aren't patterns, principles and rules behind how we act and make decisions. Once you understand and begin to see these patterns, you can learn to influence and enhance them for the better.

Add into this the passion and drive that artforming (how you can include your hobbies and interest to enliven your communication, in our case, it's performing magic tricks) gives you, you soon gain a psychological edge that helps you stand out from the competition, getting a better reputation and start doing what makes you successful.

Impress Every Client!

Learn all about:

  • Neuromarketing
  • Pereceptual Motion
  • Decision Making Model
  • Creativity and Imagination
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Your Opportunity

All of our talks use the science of your brain to improve your mindsets. They are all delivered with humour, clarity and delight and engaging with daring ideas. Our aim s to make complex neuroscience insights and behavioural science concepts easy to understand and explain their relevance to your life.

Each talk is demonstrated and illustrated using illusions, magic and mindsets, suitable for 6 people up to 100+ attendees and can be tailored to fit from 20 minutes up to 2 hours.

We'd love to be working with you on these. How do you think we could make this possible? We're open to all ideas! If you want to discuss these or any other sessions, talks or projects available, fill in the form below. You can also call and leave on message on 07941 521 469 or we can set up a discussion over Skype. Thank you so much for your time and attention, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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