Project MindFoolness Live!

What Is Project MindFoolness Live?

MindFoolness is based on the idea that our thinking is flawed. We struggle to interpret our world accurately, leading to an imbalance in our lives. We feel stressed, strained and strapped between two uncertain viewpoints. Our feelings become distorted, disrupted and dysfunctional when faced with the rapid changes of 21st Century life.

But by using brand new science concerning the brain, our microbiome, our sleep, diet and exercise habits and socio-economic psychology, you can start to see how the human brain is wired to:

  • Mistake perceptions for reality
  • Suffer from Experiential Blindness
  • Be fooled by our own minds

MindFoolness is all about giving you ways to live up to your potential through merging these two angles of human thought: “How do we feel about life in the classroom, boardroom and bedroom?” and “What does neuroscience, psychology, behavioural insights, sociology and biology teach us about how we think, act and behave?”

Together, we are making sense of these two seemingly opposing viewpoints, the Human Stance (lived experiences) and the Science Stance (academic theory), by combining the tools of Mentalism with the approaches of Mindfoolness.

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What do you get from Project MindFoolness Live?

Every Project MindFoolness Live! event is unique and we aim to meet the objectives everyone brings, but you can see a good mix of examples below of what you can expect from attending the Project MindFoolness Live! day.

Your Experiences Are Built, Not Built-In

What Does Learning MindFoolness Give You?

You may have never thought about learning magic and mentalism before, but that’s where its strength lies. The novelty, the newness and the nature of mentalism is in its completely new experiences. It is no overstatement to say that if you change your experiences today, you can change who you are tomorrow. This way, you can learn that your experiences are built, not built-in.

Challenge yourself with these ideas: don’t just blindly defend your old concepts, explore and discover new concepts. By developing a rich set of concepts, you have a toolbox to become the architect of your life. The greater your range of experiences, the greater your ability to think well and put your knowledge to good use.

By learning Mentalism, you get the tools, tricks and techniques that you need to stand out amongst the competition, open your mind up to new ideas and create lasting connections with your audience across your personal and professional life. By learning Mindfoolness, you get an understanding how your mind works, how you can be fooled and how you can use this to live up to your potential.

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What Is Mindfoolness?

MindFoolness takes the principles and little-known secrets that have remained hidden by magicians and mentalists for centuries and uses them to illustrate:

Himenaeos tincidunt auctor

How Your Mind Works

Understanding the neuroscience, the psychology and the magic behind how you think, behave and feel
Himenaeos tincidunt auctor

How You Can Show Persuasion

Using mentalism and magic to demonstrate your ability to predict and persuade other people’s minds
Himenaeos tincidunt auctor

How You Can Connect With People

A greater understanding of storytelling, communication and captivation
Himenaeos tincidunt auctor

How You Can Engage With And Expand Attention

Grabbing and holding people’s attention is vital to get your message across
Himenaeos tincidunt auctor

How Your Mindset Informs Your Potential

Learning how to use all of the above to live up to your own, and help others live up to their, highest potential

MindFoolness teaches you the tools, tricks and techniques you need to stand out amongst the competition, open your mind up to new ideas and create lasting connections with your audience across your personal and professional life.

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Next Project MindFoolness Live! Events


7th March 2019

3Threes, 17-19 Martineau Place, Birmingham, B2 4UW

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19th March 2019

The George Inn, 77 Borough High St, London SE1 1NH

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The days start at 10:00 am and finish at 4:30 pm. Lunch is not provided but all venues are next to shops and restaurants.

What Do You Get From Mentalism?

Mentalism is a phrase we use when we talk about a particular set of magic tricks that gives you the appearance of being able to read minds, predict the future, move objects without touching them and influence people's choices.

Use the following links to find out more about Mentalism:

Mentalism teaches us that we can see the world through more than one frame of reference. MindFoolness shows us that these frames of reference can mislead us and create fallacies in our thinking. If you can generate these fallacies, you can learn to spot them. If you can spot them, you can learn to avoid them. And if you can avoid them, you can learn to use them to better live up to your potential, create a sense of purpose and inspire people with your message.

Example of Mentalism and Mindfoolness

On Project MindFoolness Live! we teach you a stunning effect that involves your audience freely picking a random object from a bag. This object could be anything. You, as a performer, chooses to connect with the audience member through any means possible. You can even be blindfolded.

Somehow, whether it’s intuition, influence, prediction, mind-reading or pure psychology, you are able to tell them what object they are thinking of.

This act of impossibility is simple, and you’ll be able to perform it anywhere and anytime you want to anyone by the end of the day. However, the pure impossibility of this trick shows us that we cannot believe what we experience, but we experience what we believe. The reactions from this can be amazing. It all relies heavily on the fallacies of our thinking and our wish to believe in the mysterious and the impossible.

What Does Mentalism Show?

Mentalism is an approach we use to illustrate and teach you insights into:

  • How you construct your world conceptually, perceptually & emotionally
  • How your mindset affects your learning
  • How to get your message across more effectively
  • Visual Literacy
  • Emotive Communication
  • Perception Management
  • How to understand Experiential Blindness
  • The science and application of influence
  • Conceptual Combinations
  • Broadened Emotional Fluency
  • Creative Clarity
  • The Power of Mental Influence and Collective Intentionality
  • How you can be the Architect of your own and other people’s experiences

What Do You Get From The Day?

Click any of the 'Information Boxes' to see more details!

What Is It Like?

Our aim for all Mindsways Events is to give you something fun, original, easy to learn and memorable. Don't take our word for it, though! See photos for yourself! Click on any of the images below where you can see what kind of things we do!

How The Day Can Help You

On Project MindFoolness Live! we use mentalism to clearly show, grow and create flow from the ideas behind psychology, behavioural insights, neuroscience and storytelling. This day is for people who are open-minded, wish to push themselves somewhere new and spark inspiration in themselves and others.

It is for you if you want to explore more ideas, combat Ill Thinking, show and sharpen your skills. The day can help you with:

Project MindFoolness Live!

The Content of the Day

Exciting, Inspirational, Thought Provoking and Original

The Project MindFoolness Live! day is packed full of intriguing, inspiring and insightful tricks, tools and techniques. It has been honed over the past few years to provide both an entertaining and engaging day that has both surprise and mystery wrapped up in its DNA. By attending the day, you will be learning:

  • The Theory and Frameworks that lie behind MindFoolness and Mentalism
  • The Tricks and Effects and how to add them to what you do
  • The Principles behind how your mind works
  • A Brief History of Neuroscience
  • Practical, Real World Applications of the Material
  • The ideas that lie behind Performance, Presentation and Playfulness
  • New ways of Thinking Well

The Themes of the Day

The Building Blocks of Project MindFoolness Live!

The themes of the day are useful to you, whether you are in business, therapy, training, coaching, teaching, presenting, advertising, delivering, developing, communication, human relations, NLP or any field that depends on interacting with someone else and creating a lasting impression. The day will certain provide brand new tools and novel approaches to what you do. The themes are:

  • Using Mentalism, MindFoolness and Mystery
  • Practical Application of Your Advantage
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Show, Not Tell
  • Emotional Engagement
  • Use of Story and Drama
  • The Power of Real World Interaction and Experience

What You Take Away from the Day

Helping You To Understand How You See The World and Live Up To Your Potential

Since the beginning of 2011, we have been running these days across the country. On each of the days, we have had people thrilled and excited by the materials we have given them, as well as the alternative approaches to traditional problems and grateful for the fun and entertainment we have provided, as well as energized by the thought of all the fun and entertainment they can provide. We have done this by providing the following materials:

  • Seven Core Mentalism Effects
  • Five Attention Grabbers
  • Project MindFoolness Live! PowerPoint Presentation
  • Project MindFoolness Pack
  • Follow-up support

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What Do People Say About Us?

  • I had a huge amount of fun and learned a few things along the way too! I highly recommend that you join one of their sessions. 5****
    Adele B.
    May 2017
  • Life is very serious and sometimes unnecessarily so. This is where Mindsways' approach can reach the parts that others can't reach through magic and humour. Thank you very much.
    Alison R.
    July 2017
  • You give real insight into the art and science of gaining and holding attention and impart invaluable skills, known to only a few, in respect of influence and persuasion. I will come again confident it will be a day well spent.
    Paul G.
    June 2017
  • "Thank you for a great workshop. Life is very serious and sometimes unnecessarily so. This is where Mindsway's approach can reach the parts that others can't reach through magic and humour. Thank you very much. Looking forward to putting the fun into my practice."
    Alison R.
    July 2017
  • A brilliant day creating many memorable moments. Thank you George and Alex. I now have a selection of new techniques that I can't wait to use.
    Fiona A.
    September 2017
  • These two are worth every star given! I can honestly say each and every one is unique and a pleasure to attend! WELL RECOMMENDED!
    Susan L.
    May 2017
  • Great workshop and I felt in safe hands with people who have plenty of experience and credibility in their field. Can't wait to put my new found skills into action and learn more! Thanks George and Alex, great fun!
    Karen K.
    November 2017
  • George is truly an expert in Psychological Artistry and is the most knowledgable and inspirational individual that I have been fortunate enough to work with.
    Raj A.
    June 2015
  • What a wonderful day of fun, learning, insight - and perceptual mystery. Well done George and Alex - I can't imagine anyone attending this course and not having a most enjoyable day. A day from which they will bring home lots of new skills too - I know I have. Awesome.
    Tim A.
    September 2017
  • Such an inspiring day! Changes your whole way of thinking... a must have experience!
    Lucy A.
    July 2017
  • A most entertaining, informative and fun day. George and Alex are so generous at sharing their skills and knowledge of a subject that is otherwise quite difficult to access. Their enthusiasm to help others add a bit of magic into their repertoire is infectious!
    Lorne M.
    November 2017
  • Informative, practical and fun... lots of fun. Excellent and engaging!
    Kevin L.
    May 2017
  • Nothing but praise. It was a light-hearted and informative day and I was able to go home and immediately try things. The following day I made use of my new information... to great effect.
    Tess K.
    June 2012
  • What a breath of fresh air this training duo are! These sessions are well thought out and provided me with everything I was looking for my future workshops and more. Great job guys.
    Noelle B.
    May 2017
  • George and Alex are Psychological Artists ~ they work with the artistry of the Magician, bringing magic into practical purpose and deploying it liberally within a work environment. Perceptions, preconceptions, presumptions, assumptions, tired old habits and entrenched ways have to fall apart in the face of what these guys do, and share.
    Alison K.
    September 2017
  • Really fun and informative. Thank you George and Alex for a great day. A must do day for anyone!
    Michael P.
    July 2017
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day - and got to meet some lovely people, too, including father and son team, George and Alex. Their passion for their craft, their unpretentious delivery of their content and their humour make for a truly entertaining and enlightening day. Highly recommended!!
    Karen P.
    Novemember 2017

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Project MindFoolness Live! will be full of mind-blowing, fascinating looks and approaches to psychology, mind magic, neuroscience and the art of wonder.
Take this opportunity now to start expanding your mind, learning new ways to see invisible worlds and take part in a brand new experiment that will turn, twist and shatter your expectations! Project MindFoolness Live! will inspire you with awe, wonder and amazement!
One thing is for certain, you'll never see the world the same way again!

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MindFoolness Live!


  • Birmingham
  • 3Threes, 17-19 Martineau Way,
    Birmingham B2 4UW
  • 17/09/2019
  • London
  • George Inn, 77 Borough High St
    London SE1 1NH
  • 26/09/2019
  • What You Get
  • MindFoolness Project Pack
  • 10 Brand New Effects
  • Digital Pack (Inc. Presentation)
  • Attention Grabbers & Head Turners
  • Powerful New Presentation Techniques
  • Introduction To Magic & Mentalism
  • Full Follow-Up Support


LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE! - Book now to avoid disappointment!

The days start at 10:00 am and finish at 4:30 pm. Lunch is not provided but all venues are next to shops and restaurants.

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Our Psychological Artistry Live! One Day Workshops and Kit are available now!

Psychological Artistry Live!

Psychological Artistry Live! offers a unique set of tools that sparks interest, grabs attention and gives you new ways of thinking. By using what magicians and mentalists have known for years, such as attention grabbers, conversation sparkers, and head turners, the day will look at how you can find your voice in communication, open your mind and explore new approaches, all supporting your growth and development.

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The Psychological Artistry Kit is all about making things happen and creating insights and adding value to people. It is designed to be able to create greater value, add benefit, leverage your advantage and enhance the lives of people you interact with. The Psychological Artistry Kit is disarmingly simple and produces very powerful and profound effects in people. Take this opportunity to revolutionise what you do!

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