Psychological Artistry Live!

the one-day workshop shares mind magic with you - using illusions, magic and mentalism to help you get your message across in an engaging, entertaining and informative way.

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Psychological Artistry Live!

This one-day workshop shares with you mind magic, using illusions, magic and mentalism, that help you get your message across in an engaging, entertaining and informative way.

By learning mind magic, you will be able to show you can:

Predict the future

Read body language

Read representational cues

Influence decision making

Read people's minds

Create impossible objects

Move objects with your mind

Tap into unconscious potential

John Doe

George, making objects float

Psychological Aritstry, June 2018

What is the day like?

Psychological Artistry Live! is suitable for anybody!

Whether you’re looking to use Psychological Artistry in business (for pitches, presentations, sales or networking etc.), your own personal development (for improving your memory, critical thinking, creativity, dexterity etc.) or in your personal life (for increasing communication, understanding psychology and behavioural insights, exploring a new hobby etc.), it is a fun, engaging and innovative day that shares magic, presentation skills and new ideas.

The mind magic effects you’ll learn on the day are laid out for you in simple, easy-to-understand and easy-to-do ways. They are geared so you can take most away and perform them with less than an hour’s practice.

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What do you get on the day?

The one-day workshop consists of at least 19 effects that you will learn how to perform.

On top of this, we weave in ideas from mentalism, psychology, neuroscience, storytelling and behavioural insights. By the end of the day, you will be able to integrate into what you do the following effects:

Grabbing Instant & Magnetic AttentionMake faces distort and appear to move objects with the powers of your mind.
(2 effects)

Showing Your Powers of PersuasionUse your magical influence to predict people’s behaviour and persuade them to choose exactly what you want.
(3 effects)

The Dunninger SetUsing techniques that are hundreds of years old, show you can read people’s minds using your business cards, playings cards and any thing you want.
(3 effects)

Words ApartShow your perception through reading body language, pendulums or any way you would like, to get a random thought of word from a book or piece of text.
(2 effects)

Seeing Is Not Believing A sequence of multi-sensory illusions that show You Cannot Believe What You Experience, But You Experience What You Believe. Use these to illustrate metaphors and explore ideas in safe and inspiring settings.
(5 effects)

Attention Grabbers
and Head Turners Using simple, everyday objects in ways you cannot believe and achieving the Impossible. You can use these to grab attention, open discussions and debates and make yourself more memorable.
(3 effects)

The Great PersuaderAn effect that clearly demonstrates your impossible and amazing powers: You predict and influence 15 choices in a row, each freely chosen by your audience. Is it persuasion, is it psychology, or are you psychic? You decide.
(1 effect)

Take this chance to start improving your professional and personal life by learning mind magic now!

Who Are We?

We are father-and-son magicians, trainers and creators, George and Alex Rowley. Together, we make up Mindsways. We have been using the materials from this day to create and perform our own shows across the UK for the past 10 years.

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George works with a blend of psychology, behavioural sciences and mentalism to entertain, improve people's lives, working towards greater innovation and creativity and increased business opportunities.

He has been studying human psychology for over 30 years, with many awards and degrees under his belt. In the early 1990's, he was faced with working with vulnerable young adults - this is where he found the power of magic to entertain people and enrich peoples' lives.


Alex is an actor, designer and experienced magician who specialses in using a blend of psychology, behavioural insights and mentalism to tell effective, engaging and empowering stories.

Alex has spent over half of his life learning magic, performing on stage and across the UK. He focuses his attention on spreading awareness of mental health issues and sharing powerful storytelling techniques.

John Doe
John Doe

Alex, making a daring escape

Psychological Artistry, June 2018

Practical, Personal and Engaging

The ideas, methods and techniques presented to you during the Psychological Artistry Live! Day provide a rich source of novel ideas and possibilities for you.

The material challenges you and gets people to re-examine the way they think, act and behave. By doing this, we help people become aware of and sensitive to new possibilities.

This way, it is a practical, personal and engaging method for enhancing what you’re doing now.

John Doe

George connects across the audience to read their minds

Psychological Artistry, February 2018

What do people say?

Exceptional day, surpassed my expectations, thank you

Damon L. July 2018

Had a great day with George and Alex of Mindways. I now have some great ideas that I can incorporate into my workshops. I would highly recommend the Mindways events.

Helen D. May 2018

I had a huge amount of fun and learned a few things along the way too! I highly recommend that you join one of their sessions. 5****

Adele B. May 2017

Life is very serious and sometimes unnecessarily so. This is where Mindsways' approach can reach the parts that others can't reach through magic and humour. Thank you very much.

Alison R. July 2017

Fun, informative, engaging, different - a truly magical experience!

Lindsey H. February 2018

Their delivery was genuine and from a place of real authenticity. A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding day. Thanks again for all those 'no way' moments, fella

Simon C. Feburary 2018

My sincere thanks to both George and Alex for the day which was an invaluable experience and has given me a new range of tools to enhance my own training courses and presentations

Paul B. Feburary 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day - Their passion for their craft, their unpretentious delivery of their content and their humour make for a truly entertaining and enlightening day. Highly recommended!!

Karen K. November 2017

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John Doe

A compilation of Psychological Artistry Live!

Psychological Artistry, Across 2017 and 2018

Why Learn These Effects?

Learning the effects, at their heart, are a great way to understand, unpick and question human behaviour. The magic you will see and learn challenges beliefs, creates new opportunities for innovation and delivers entertaining, memorable and powerful moments in coaching, business, interventions, presenting and personal life.

Learning mind magic gives you a quick, effective and fun way to make an impact, whatever you’re doing. The Psychological Artistry Live! day gives you a great introduction to mentalism and lots of practical materials for you to incorporate it into what you do.

Who have we worked with?

We've had people from across the UK and Europe attend the Psychological Artistry Live! one-day workshop. It doesn't matter what your background, training, education or experience in magic is, you will get more than you expect from Psychological Artistry Live!

A number of organisations we've worked with and people who have attended the day have come from:

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Psychological Artistry Live!

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3Threes, 17-19 Martineau Way,
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All days begin at 10.00 a.m. and aim to finish as close to 4.30 p.m. as possible. You will recieve your physical materials at the end of the day and a follow-up digital pack within 72 hours of the event.

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