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  • Psychological Artistry
    A Day Of Insights In Four Acts


The Psychological Artistry day offers a unique set of tools which help you create personally tailored magic tricks, mindsets, and models for yourself and in your business. You’ll learn how to deliver personalized mysteries around what you do which sparks interest, grabs attention, and gives you a greater sense of yourself, all leading to greater personal, strategic and financial gain.

What Do We Do On The Day?

Our aim for the Psychological Artistry day is to give you something fun, original, easy to learn and memorable. Click on the video or any of the images below where you can see a selection of what we do on the day!

What Do You Get From The Psychological Artistry day?

The Psychological Artistry day teaches you to understand, appreciate and predict what your audiences expect. We call this the Boundaries of Audience Expectations. It involves learning the best way to plan ahead, tapping into your creativity and developing confidence to follow through on your actions. By doing this and learning the skills taught on the day, you gain:


Trust is the fuel that makes businesses run, and the strongest and fastest way to establish trust is empathy. You will learn to see the world as other’s do, you will develop a sense of what other’s want and be able to meet their expectations.


Like Empathy, connection with other human beings is a cornerstone of 21st Century business. It’s about feelings first, facts follow. It’s about good stories, not just good spreadsheets. The Psychological Artistry day builds these inter-personal skills.


Learning to do the impossible involves an open mind and a willingness to explore, fail, and keep going. It’s this skill that builds up a deep understanding of ourselves and others, and getting to know the boundaries of Audience expectation does just that.


When you gain a greater understanding, and can build strong relationships through empathy, you will begin to positively influence yourself and others. The skills and tools presented on the day help you reach a more influential level in your life, brand, and relationships.


Many people feel as if they’ve lost control in their life. The rate of change and volatility leave people removed, stressed and dispassionate. The areas we look at with Psychological Artistry breathes life back into many people’s passions, creativity, fun and purpose.

Engage and Profit

Our learning approach is focused on giving you the tools, techniques and tricks that will help you connect with people on a deep and meaningful level, stand out amongst your competition and boost productivity and sales.

Learn Perception and Persuasion

We can't believe what we see, but we see what we believe. The ability to add Mentalism and Magic through Psychological Artistry into what you do allows you to demonstrate the power of mindsets, attitude and belief systems.

A Fresh and Original Training Day

We've been told countless times that we deliver incredibly solid psychological principles that people agree with but in unique, fresh and original ways. We're very proud of our ability to add difference into the training landscape.

Enrich and Empower

Our mission at Mindsways is to give you the Magic, the Mindset and the Models which will help you create a better business culture. We give you the growth mindset and the personal, strategic, and financial gains behind an attitude of courage and action.


We will teach you systems and goals to help you develop your own approaches and appreciate how powerful your own perceptions can be. This in turn allows you to influence and positively affect your customer’s behaviours, actions and thinking, leading to a boost in your brand reputation, business opportunities, and potential for sales and profit.

Our training is dedicated to helping you to understand how your customers behave, act, and think. We believe in the power of small shifts, big movements. We deliver training and consultancy which unite learning and applying knowledge in the form of skill sets and abilities.

We focus on combining the ideas from Behavioural Insights, Understanding Perceptions, Psychological Artistry, Show Not Tell Philosophy and Doing the Doable. You can use these in applying and developing systems and goals which boost your productivity, increase your internal and external brand’s reputation and lead to a strong legacy.

Our version of art forming pulls ideas and techniques from theatre, magic and illusions, combining them with findings from psychology and science to make them engaging, entertaining, and enlightening. We will teach you how to stand out, how to make a difference, how to tap into the power of mystery and magic and how to get your message across.

Generally speaking, each new skill set doubles your chance of success. The skill sets we focus on are:

See What Others Say

"Thank you for another great day. I have attended a day with George and Alex before; yet again my expectations were exceeded. I would recommend a Mindsways programme to anyone who has present, train or lead discussions. I have worked in these fields for 30 years and can honestly say I learn new things every session. You give real insight into the art and science of gaining and holding attention and impart invaluable skills, known to only a few, in respect of influence and persuasion. I will come again confident it will be a day well spent."

Paul G, Psychological Artisty Day 2017


The Psychological Artistry day is all about learning and applying Psychological Artistry and Mind Magic. On the day, you will be given discrete routines, ideas and techniques which you will be supplied within the Psychological Artistry day and SNT kit.

On the Psychological Artistry day we deal with some of these ideas; the tactical push tool and the growth mindset and the personal, strategic, and financial gains behind an attitude of courage and action. My ideas have an academic rigour and have been designed and developed for the real world, using my experience and decades of application.

On the day, we will demonstrate techniques and ideas which will be explained with practical advice on how to use them. The aim for the day is to challenge your worldview, to provide you with stimulating insights and demonstrate the power of art forms. Our aim is to work with you, as individuals, as another human being.

By learning and engaging with Mind Magic, you are:

  • Exploring the art of possibility
  • Stimulating creativity and innovation
  • Tapping into your imagination

As well as exploring Psychological Artistry, we will look at how you can apply Behavioural Insights, why we believe what we do, and why we believe weird things. The day weaves a path through Psychological Artistry, Behavioural Sciences, Mind Magic, neuroscience and practical delivery methods.

Innovation and creativity lie at the heart of Psychological Artistry and Mind Magic, so whether you are already actively engaged in using your creative skills or just looking to stimulate and nurture your creativity, you will find practical tools for releasing the spirit of innovation and creativity on the Psychological Artistry day.

The Magician's Mindset

The major learning benefit from the Psychological Artistry day is adapting the Magician's Mindset. This is a set of attitudes which allows you to feel more in control, more confident about yourself and gives you the tools to demonstrate what you do.

Embodied Metaphors

A picture can say a thousand words, and a metaphor can contain a thousand pictures. This is the power of the material on the Psychological Artistry day; it naturally lends itself to simple and easy-to-understand metaphors with rich, inner-meanings.

Show, Not Tell

Every day we are reminded of this principle more and more; To get your ideas across and connect with people, to drive excitement and stimulate motivation, you MUST Show, Not Tell. We use shortcuts like this across the Psychological Artistry day.

Personal Touch

With the amount of technology doubling every few years, we face a challenge of how to stand out and get noticed in a sea of innovation and noise. Adding a Personal Touch, the element of uniqueness that only you can bring face-to-face, solves this dilemna.


The Psychological Artistry day is all about learning and applying Psychological Artistry and Mind Magic (Mentalism) ideas and techniques. They teach you how to stand out, how to make a difference, how to get your message across in effective and entertaining ways and how to tap in to the popularity of show, not tell, magic, curiosity and mystery.

The aim for the day is to challenge your worldview, to provide you with stimulating insights and demonstrate the power of art forms. Our aim is to work with you, as individuals, as another human being.


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