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    Since starting in 2011, we've helped teach Mind Magic and Psychological Artistry to hundreds of people.

What Do People Say?

Since starting in 2011, we've helped teach Mind Magic and Psychological Artistry to hundreds of people. Here are a few pieces of feedback we've recieved;

"Thank you for another great day. I have attended a day with George and Alex before; yet again my expectations were exceeded. I would recommend a Mindsways programme to anyone who has present, train or lead discussions. I have worked in these fields for 30 years and can honestly say I learn new things every session. You give real insight into the art and science of gaining and holding attention and impart invaluable skills, known to only a few, in respect of influence and persuasion. I will come again confident it will be a day well spent."

Paul G, Psychological Artisty Day 2017

“The MindSways Workshop vastly exceeded my expectations. I came away confident of demonstrating a number of powerfully convincing psychological tricks and effects that will help me to stand out and generate interest in what I do."

Trevor Hoskisson

“As a trainer I came away with lots of ideas to create drama and interest in my training delivery and to capture the attention of participants. The idea was that Mind Magic would inform, educate and entertain and the workshop definitely did all that.”

Eleanor O'Kelly-Lynch

“The event was absolutely brilliant! Very interesting, speakers were very engaging. Venue was perfect 11/10."

Anonymous Feedback Form

“A truly inspiring experience is how I'd best describe the workshop. I was 'wowed', confused and then dutifully taught some of the skills that drive mindsways and minds-ways.”

Yvonne Bignall

“Nothing but praise. It was a light-hearted and informative day and I was able to go home and immediately try things. The following day I made use of my new information... to great effect.”

Tessa Kirby

“I cannot put into words how inspired those several hours have made and, possibly, how critical they might have played in making a success in the future. It's almost like a certain part of my brain has been unlocked.”

Michael Ayodeji

“Probably the best leadership event I have attended, made perfect sense with solutions as well as theory."

Anonymous Feedback Form

“You obviously have something very special here.

Anonymous Feedback Form

“George is truly an expert in Psychological Artistry and is the most knowledgable and inspirational individual that I have been fortunate enough to work with.”

Raj Anderson
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