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On The Fascination, we teach you Mind Magic tools, tricks and technique that illustrate the principles and aspects of fascination. Learning Mind Magic is a fun creative way that can be used as both a foundation for learning about fascination and as a way of being fascinating.

In the workshop, we will explore how Psychological Artistry and Mind Magic provide important insights into how we think, how we learn and how we experience the world, whilst training you in the tricks of the trade. As part of this workshop, you are supplied with whole new sets of routines and ideas in The Fascination Pack. This pack has been purpose-built to combine the psychology of fascination with the allure of Mind Magic.

On the day, we use a mixture of ideas drawn from the worlds of psychology, neuro-science, smart thinking, Psychological Artistry and Mind Magic.

The ideas and techniques within Mind Magic are not just particular to Mind Magic itself, they can be transferred across into all walks of life, just as with every aspect of fascination.

Most importantly, this is about stretching yourself to step out of your comfort zone. Mind Magic involves:

Exploring the art of possibility
Stimulating creativity and innovation
Tapping into your imagination

The real power of Mind Magic and Psychological Artistry lies not with just the tricks, but the effect that the delivery of the tricks have on people.  On the workshops and in the packs we give you the tricks, however, learning to use them and turn them into effects is where the real power lies.

Delivering these effects, you can evoke the making of the extraordinary. By combining the tricks with the energy of your words, your message and your personality, you make yourself stand out, stimulate fascination and create interest in you. This is when the real magic happens, in the minds of others.

Mind Magic, Psychological Artistry and The Fascination all have one overriding theme within them.  This is the Show Not Tell principle. The Show Not Tell principle is all about making people experience and feel the message rather than just be told.

The Show Not Tell principle is about engaging through emotions, not just logic and reasoning. The intellect finds the logic to justify what the emotions have decided. 

For examples of how powerful magic and Mind Magic can be for getting messages across, please see the selection of videos below:


The effect of Mind Magic, when combined with fascination, can become incredibly desirable for businesses, therapists and communicators. These TED talks illustrate the intellectual side, as well as demonstrating some of the bold attention grabbing techniques, that Mind Magic holds.

In this video, mentalist and "brain hacker" Keith Barry shows the audience how their minds can fool their bodies, and then what happens when you take this to the extreme.

Using a mix of classical stage magic and modern psychology, comedian and mentalist Eric Mead demonstrates the power of belief in a dangerous demonstration of will power.

Both the presentation and content of this video is fascinating to us. It prompts us to ask what's possible when we put our mind to it.

(WARNING: This video may not be suitable for those who are disturbed by needles and blood)

Marco Tempest is the master of delivering a fascinating topic in a fascinating manner. In all of his TED talks, he finds a way of combining cutting-edge technology with effective story telling, skilful magic effects and an emotional under-tone of wonder.

In this video presentation, he explores what magic means to him and what it means to us in general. He looks at the amazement it can instill in people of any age and at the oppourtunities it creates in people's minds.

The Fascination workshop is a unique one day workshop that contains practical new materials which we have not delivered in workshops before. You will be given new routines and supplied with the brand new Fascination pack and supporting materials.

Fascination and being fascinated is locked within us. Let The Fascination workshop be your Catalyst, your Coach and your Champion of success. The skills and techniques contained within The Fascination have life changing potential.

This workshop is all based around understanding the psychological aspects that make up fascination, the power of this lies in the fact that they are natural, universal and innate. Being fascinated isn’t a choice, being fascinating is.

Our guiding philosophy on The Fascination is this: given the right tools, anyone and anything can be fascinating. The Fascination workshop is about handing you the right tools, training you in how to use them and giving you the opportunities to use them, either in your business, your therapy, your training, your education, your personal development, your work life or your personal life.

By learning about what makes us fascinated, you explore aspects that:

Engage people
Make magic happen
Have a seductive allure
Differentiates you
Creates a distinctive brand
Create satisfying emotional experiences
Produce enigmatic psychology
Appeals to the emotions
Influences – thoughts, attitudes and behaviours
Create personal impact and presence
Captivates and hold people’s attention

Visibility is more important today than ability. It doesn’t matter how great your ability is if no one sees or hears you, you remain invisible and hidden. The Fascination is about giving you the power to be visible.

The more crowded an environment you are in, the more competitive it is. The more competitive; the more important being visibile is and the more fascination rules. To be able to be visible and stand out, you must learn the power of:

Spontaneous Resourcefulness
Direction of attention
Substantive Meaning
Psychological Invisibility
Practicing and Preparing “Outs”
Creating Moments of Fascination
Using your Fascination Palette

Ask yourself: what happens to the hearts and minds of the audience you engage with?

A fascinating idea is not obvious nor is it interesting. A fascinating idea is one that captivate us, that ignites our imagination, that move us on a deep and emotional level.

The less common an idea, the more fascinating it will become. The same goes for adapting and evolving ideas: the more unchallenged an idea is, the more fascination you can earn by challenging it.

The foundation of Mind Magic, and magic in general, is taking every day occurrences and making them stand out in the minds of the audience.

The Fascination workshop allows you to gain access to highly valuable and guarded secrets of Mind Magic and the aspects of fascination. Unlocking the psychology of fascination within you is a powerful force, very closely linked to your personal impact and brand. Each Aspect of Fascination adds a different type of energy to you and your message.

People want to be around people who are unique and interesting. To be fascinated by you means that people enjoy being with you and want to engage with your ideas. When you are fascinating you pull people in towards you, you attract them through their heart and emotions.

By usng fascination, you activate a process of them paying attention to you. By having a fascinating message, you can also hold attention and gain a position of authority. Attention, after all, is just fascination activated for a time.

It is through taking this route that you can captivate people.

Fascination is the method to change more, add more value, build more loyalty and engage more than ever before. When you activate fascination, you challenge, move people, ask new questions and change how they think. You don’t just talk, you get under their skin.

Michelangelo said that each slab of marble has a statue inside of it, all you have to do is chip away to expose it. Each one of us has the aspects of The Fascination within us, all we have to do is chip away and expose them.

This is about being you, and showing the fascinating you. It is about showing people who you really are, what you stand for, what your purpose and passions are and how people see you.

When analysed by facial recognition software, the Mona Lisa was found to be 83% happy, 9% disgusted, 6% afriad and 2% angry. What does this mean to you and your audience?

Remember that an audience could be one, ten, hundreds or thousands or even more. What response you recieve is down to you, it is about what you choose to broadcast. The response could be could be boredom, indifference, interest or spell-bound.

The Mona Lisa broadcasts pure fascination. Her enigmatic smile is the result of a mix of happiness, disgust, fear and anger. This draws us in and makes us wonder; "what could she be thinking?"

In the same vein, you must draw your audience in towards your message. You are the only person responsible for bringing your message to life and stimulating your desired response. You are more likely to grab attention and hold your audience spell-bound when you are fascinating.

Although hidden under a number of names, each of these TED talks below explore what it means to be fascinated by the unknown.

In this presentation, J.J. Abrams, creator and executive producer of Lost and Fringe, discusses the pull of mystery he felt when left with his Grandfather's box.

He also explores the power that traditional conjuring magic holds over him, and how he has used this unique approach in his films.

Micheal Shermer, editor of Skeptic magazine and author of Why People Believe Weird Things and The Believing Brain, uses this TED talk to explain why we place our faith in the irrational and unexplainable.

His theory is that to survive the harsh environments of pre-history, our ancestors had to create a system of beliefs that prolonged their lives and made them more likely to reproduce.

It is this system that sticks with us today and makes us fascinated.

If you are fascinating, people are eager to listen to you, anticipate your message and have a burning desire to know more about you. Fascination breaks down barriers and wins over sceptics. When you are fascinating, you get results that you have never had before, you achieve and do things that you have never done before.

On the workshop, as well as the Aspects of Fascination, we work with the ABCs of Fascination:

Activate Fascination - Attract Attention
Broadcast Fascination – Hold Attention
Captivate Fascination – Leave an impression

Fascination works through the interplay of the Aspects of Fascination and Mystery. This can be represented many ways, but we explore it on the day as the Triads of Fascination. See Aspects tab at the top of the page.

The key lies in combing the Aspects, the Triads and the Philosophy to create a moment of fascination. On the day, we teach practical Mind Magic effects to achieve this. Remember; the more ordinary something is, the more fascination you can earn by making it extraordinary.

The Fascination day is all about giving people a moment of pure fascination. Building fascination takes time, but creating multiple moments of fascination unearths a massive amount of accumulated advantage for you.

We are working with individuals and organisations that use a select group of tools and techniques to fascinate their audience. They are guided by the principles of outstanding service, powerful uses of Psychological Artistry and non-traditional approaches to business, therapy, work and communication.

To see more about Psychological Artistry, please click here.

In short, they use The Fascination to challenge, move people, ask questions and change how they think.

When you begin to tap into fascination you will find the greater theinterest you produce, the more valuable your information becomes.

This is known as The Fascination Point (see graph to the right). The Fascination Point is where the amount of attention that you are gathering equals the value of information that you are giving out. From this point on, what you are delivering becomes fascinating.

When your message reaches the tipping point, where the dotted line is on the graph, people become irresistibly drawn towards you and your message.

This is what we work towards on The Fascination workshop. Using what you know already and combining it with the Aspects of Fascination and Mind Magic effects.


The Fascination Pack is a training tool exclusively developed and designed for The Fascination workshop. Printed on 350 msgm stock with four distinct, built-in Mind Magic effects, so it's durable, portable and fascinating.

The Fascination pack just needs you to add your skill, talent and imagination to the tools and techniques within it. Mix this with what excites you and your passion and you have a very potent recipe.

The pack leads you to discover new approaches to your work, new perspectives to problems and new solutions to unanswered questions. It leverages the power of fascination and the insights that it sparks to act as a coaching tool, a business generator, a therapy mechanic, an idea creator, a solution finder, a copy writer and a series of effective Mind Magic effects. For more information on the pack, click here.

By using the power of story, emotional leverage and a powerful psychological secret, you lead your audience through a captivating mix of passion, shadow, power and mystery.

A number of fast-paced Mind Magic tricks and effects suitable for delivery in most environments in under two minutes, with devastating results. E.g. Bending a coin in someone else’s hand.

Using your expertise in human behaviour, you’re able to out-think and analyse who is lying to you by asking a series of increasingly complex questions. The audience become putty in your hands.

By just looking at a deck of cards, you’re able to pierce the audience’s consciousness and divine which cards the five people merely THINK about. You can even name the card they ALMOST thought of.

Stunning and mind-twisting effects done with the most powerful tools on the planet: Books. Read anyone’s mind from the other side of room after they’ve thought of any word or phrase from any book.

Funny and engaging, this straight-forward card effect carries with it a dark secret. Not only do you influence someone’s free choice, you also influence their destiny.  All with one pack of cards and three of your business cards they can take away with them.

The Fascination Pack - a brand new training tool, developed specifically for The Fascination
Training Video - online supporting materials for The Fascination Pack
Presentation - a copy of the PowerPoint presentation used to review the day
The Fascination eBook - a guide containing notes, scripts and supporting information for the workshop
Follow-up support - From the trainers, if and when needed
A stimulating experience and oppourtunity to meet like-minded people

The themes of the day are intricately linked and woven throughout the delivery on The Fascination. Some are glaringly obvious, whilst others remain subtle and slivers of activity that happen behind-the-scenes. The following are the three main building blocks of the themes and content of the day:

The Fascination Pack is a result of decades of my own personal experience coupled with research from many disciplines, such as psychology, Psychological Artistry, neuroscience, coaching and Mind Magic. This pack is completely unique in that it can be used for personal development, training, coaching, therapy, in business, in generating sales copy, working to guide yours and other people’s brands as well as having Mind Magic tricks and effects woven into it. It is because of this flexibility and the effects contained within that it can be used to create moments of Fascination.

Innovation and creativity lies at the heart of The Fascination Pack, as well as Psychological Artistry and Mind Magic. So whether you are already actively engaged in using your creative skills or just looking to stimulate and nurture your creativity, you will find practical tools for releasing the spirit of innovation and creativity in The Fascination Pack.

On The Fascination, you will recieve your copy of The Fascination Pack included in the price. For more information on the pack, please click here.

We know that today, people are actively seeking out different approaches and ways of getting their messages across. They want new ways of communicating what may have become familiar and staid.We have both (myself and Alex) been very pleased with this feedback, seeing that we are meeting expectations and adding value.

“The whole group laughed many times and were absolutely fascinated by each technique.”

“I came away with lots of ideas to create drama and interest in my training delivery.”

“A truly inspiring experience is how I'd best describe the Sleight of Mind Set workshop.”

“Nothing but praise. It was a light-hearted and informative day and I was able to go home and immediately try things. The following day I made use of my new information in a therapy session - to great effect.”

“You obviously have something very special happening here”

From the feedback we have had, we know that we are meeting these expectations. From the last few workshops we ran, the comments and feedback included;

Mind blowing experience
Entertaining and informative
Had an amazing time
Exceeded my expectations
Loved it
Really fascinating

To see more of what people have said, please see What People Say

The Fascination Workshops are one day workshops all about learning and applying Mind Magic ideas powerful Fascination techniques to what you do. They all start at 10:00 a.m. and finish at 4:30 p.m.

Take this oppurtunity to enhance your communication, engagement, entertainment and knowledge. There are only limited spaces due to the venue, and included in this cost is the Fascination Pack and supporting materials, worth over £75. Book now, begin your Mind Magic journey and embrace The Fascination.

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